Friday Fives – canal knowledge

Lifeblood of the Desert: Salt River Project Team Turns to ASU Robots to  Maintain Canals - AZPM

Did you walk to school with your friends? Take a school bus?

All of that.  Elementary school was the perfect distance for all of that.. a mile.  So sometimes it was bus, or a ride.  As I got older (and so realized everyone on the bus was a spaz) I would bike to work school ( I really did just type work.  A Freudian Sirian slip?)  But a mile is close enough to even walk.  I mean a mile takes what… 20 minutes to walk?  Funny memory of walking to school in Phoenix, as I sit writing this it is negative 7 outside.  I remember when the mercury hit 50, I was pretty sure I would freeze to death getting to school.  If it was 50 or below out (but I rarely got to that) I would wear a pair of pants over my shorts.  I knew the day would warm up and pants would be impractical… but I also didn’t want to freeze to death getting to school. 

What I look back at is this… why didn’t I just put the shorts in my backpack?  Why did I wear both? 

We had a cool route to middle school and high school.  We could travel ‘off the grid’.  We took the canals to school.  Phoenix has a gonzo amazing canal system.  That photo up top is what the view looked like walking to school.  It was great, we had privacy to goof around or talk loud or swear or light off fireworks.  It was a win for us, and the community by not having us around the streets.  Know how country kids play in the wash, down by the river?  The place to have forts, hide playboys, and find reasons to use pocket knives?  That was the canals for us.

Who would you like to be able to get into contact with?

            My dad.  I miss him.  Thanks for making me cry, bully!

How do you make yourself go to sleep when you can’t seem to get to sleep?

Give my brain little assignments.  I don’t just lay there and hope for/wait for sleep.  No sir.  I set up tasks.  Last night, for example, here is what I did:  I am going to take a trip soon to Las Vegas.  Going to go see Penn and Teller.  By myself.  So last night as I lay in bed I walked myself through the trip.  Getting to the airport, the flight (in my unconscious version it was first class, which I am seriously considering) and then getting to the strip.  I remember I was very cold lying in bed, so as I am planning my trip and walking through it in my mind I opted to take a hot bath while I got to the room.  I stayed there lying in bed last night thinking about curling up in the tub and planning my weekend.   That is the last I remember.  I’d call that a success.

What language(s) do you speak, or wish you could speak?

Speak English and Spanish, nothing impressive.  What language do I want to speak?  Nothing I can think of, at this age anyway.   Certainly have no interested in Latin or French.  German?  No, they can still eat a bag of dicks for WW1.  And WW2.  And validating David Hasselhoff.  Where does that leave us?   Well, I am very glad I speak Spanish.  So, if I went back in time I would keep that… and likely add an Asian language.  Not Chinese, because fuck them, too!  I guess Japanese or Thai would be pretty cool.

What major company do you despise the most?

Nothing like I used to.  I used to harbor a lot of anger at various companies I regarded as threats to decency and humanity.  It’s likely because of age, but I don’t carry that fiery rage anymore.  Is the lack of fire maturity?  Or, just laziness and apathy?  I declare a healthy mix of all.  Nowadays, its more about mis-trust.  What once was rage is now just a headshaking disappointment.  A couple examples of companies I do loathe, but don’t have the strength or capacity to truly hate:  Ticketmaster, the NFL, and Germany.  Isn’t that last one a company?  I don’t forgive or forget them for starting BOTH world wars.  And I don’t trust any of the three above, and little bad they could do would surprise me.

I mean Germany… Germany probably could have won WW2 if they took the energy they spent hunting and killing the Jewish people and applied it to war.  What the fuck was that about?  Why the rage?  The good news about that is they lost the war, but at such a cost to the world.  It’s not just the Jewish people we lost… its about what the world lost out on because of all the great Jewish minds and lives that never had a chance.

It’s as if someone said to Hitler:  Choose 1- world domination, or the end of Jews?  And he chose the latter.  Not just unforgiveable… but puzzling.

Ok, what were we talking about again?





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