They gonna get caught!

The shootout scene in Heat is so good the Marines use it for training | The  Digital Fix

If you track my readings  (and there is no good reason you should), you know my favorite books are cobs and robbers.  On the law side… I love reading books by undercover agents.  They are fascinating.  I also love reading books by the people they track.

I just read a story about an armed robbery gang in Los Angeles called the ‘Chesapeake Bandits’.  This is a group of fellas robbing cash delivery vehicles to ATMs.  They gonna get caught.  Know why?  Same reason everyone gets caught… they can’t stop.  Since they have a name, it means there is a pattern.  First mistake.  It means their next crime will be so identifiable that they will get pegged for the others.  Like epilogue in ‘Home Alone’.  The bad guys get busted for a series of break ins and robberies because they always leave behind a running sink.  It’s a gag, but it holds true.

If these guys just stopped (which is what you should do once the FBI publicly involved, and gave you a name) they would walk off into the sunset.  But they never do.  Perhaps you are thinking ‘you watch too much FBI files’, and you would be right.  Perhaps you are thinking ‘you only know about the ones who get caught, there are probably many more who go under the radar and get away with it’.  this is where you would be wrong.  I’ve read every book I could find by (or about) bank robbers.  One thing they can never do is stop.  It’s gets too easy, and they get too dependent on the loot.

Update – oops.  They blew it.  the Feds know who they are.

On Feb. 17, Deneyvous Hobson, 36, and James Russell Davis, 34, both of Los Angeles, were charged federally in a criminal complaint filed in United States District Court in Los Angeles with Conspiracy to Interfere with Commerce by Robbery.

ow?  Will this is kinda funny.  And super avoidable.  The gang leader and accomplice had the police called on them last year.  Why?  Because they were casing an armored truck ATM delivery.  Casing it so hard that someone called the police on them.  Cops showed up, dudes were still there.  They were in plain clothes, and their own vehicles.  Why?  Because casing a bank job is not a crime.  The police still wisely take down all the information available.  The nice men are released then and there, as they hadn’t done anything illegal. 

Except when… three weeks later, on the exact date and to the minute… that same delivery truck was robbed at gunpoint.  Gee, who could it have been?   They have since gone underground, but that won’t last.  Now that its’ public, and guns and Feds involved, they are going to turn on each other.  Maybe if the cops bust you casing a job… don’t do that exact job.

Remember the huge gonzo Los Angeles shooting that took over blocks, and was freakily mirrored by the movie Heat?  Two guys held like 30 cops at bay for hours because they were completed decked out in bulletproof gear and had some awesome guns.  Those two guys got pulled over years before that job, here is what was in that car.

police who stopped Phillips and Matasareanu in a rented car confiscated two 9 mm pistols, two .45-caliber guns, two AK-47s, six smoke grenades, two homemade bombs, three machine guns, two bulletproof vests, one gas mask, six holsters, wigs, ski masks, two police radio scanners, a stopwatch and about 2,800 rounds of ammunition.

That kinda screams out to me “keep an eye on these guys, I don’t think they were going to church after all”

*** note to armored car delivery folks:  when the Feds tell you someone has been casing your delivery trucks, maybe change up the route, even a little?  This guy’s route was so well known (due to the casing and such) that he arrived at exact minute they expected him.

So listen, I am not telling you to stop robbing armored trucks.  It makes for great re-enactments, and everyone involved is insured (ironically, by the Feds.  Maybe that is why they are so uppity about the whole thing).  No, go on and rob as needed.  That is your own business, and this is America.  But Jesus, man… mix it up.  Different communities, different outfits, different weapons, different targets.  These guys need an agent, a ‘consigliere‘.  Not gonna take any money, or rat anyone out.  Just gonna say things like ‘guys, I think that neighborhood is fucked out.  Four robberies in a year with the same MO, let’s bolt to Canada for a few jobs.  We come back in a couple of years, hit a different region.  You gotta get off the radar of law enforcement before they give you a nickname.”

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