Friday Fives – getting a round tuit

What is your favorite song that tells a story?

I see a theme here – storytelling songs, and/or singers.  OK, there are two truly greats in my estimation:  Todd Snider, and Arlo Guthrie.  Both tell what I assume are true stories.  So for that, the prize goes to Alice’s Restaurant!

What is your favorite LONG song (over 7 minutes)?

Let’s go Arlo one more time with the live version of ‘the Pickle Song’.  Has to be the live version, its fucking hilarious.

If somebody kidnapped you and said “You die unless you sing one song perfectly” which one would you choose?

The Weight, from The Band

What fictional character death hit you the hardest?

Hold on.  You are all over the road.  Lets focus on storytellers.  Let’s talk about Todd Snider.  Todd is so well known for telling more stories than songs that his live archive internet site is called 18 minutes.  Its because he is known to spend 18 minutes telling a set up to a 3 minute song.  Luckily, I have seen both live (Arlo, and Todd).  I want to tell the story about him (Todd) being a football player and discovering the ‘burnouts’,  but maybe I should let him tell it.

What fictional food would you like to try?

Ok, still have to keep you on topic?  Well, let’s go with this one.  Best storytelling IN a song. It’s sweet, happy, sad and bitter sweet.  A typical Todd Snider turn of words ‘yes sir, no sir.  She may be, but she is also a friend of mine.’ And then we find the picture and he was always in love.  Fuck.  Powerful.  “Didn’t want to throw my fishing line in that old mainstream”.

Like Arlo, you pretty much always want live Todd.  This is my favorite song of his.  AND version.  Not only is the storytelling great, but there are SO many great little lines in there.  “some say a live well live is the best revenge. I say bullshit, the best revenge is revenge.”  Or this John Prine’-ism.  “I wish I could show you how you hurt me in a way that wouldn’t hurt you, too!”  “I never liked the people where I was employed, they were all out to get me ‘cause I’m paranoid.”

Friday Fives – sorry its been a while

pumpkin-mandala-colour-in-wall-stickerWhat’s a popular food or drink that you dislike?

Tea.  I enjoy green tea in a pinch.  But, I would never order tea in a restaurant. gross.  is it a Southern thing?

 What is your addiction?


 What’s a bizarre historical event you can’t believe actually took place

That we kinda won WW2 on a bluff.  See, after Pearl Harbor, we were kinda pissed.   We told Japan to surrender, or we would nuke them.  They didn’t believe us.  So, we did.  Then, we told them again “dude, surrender or we will nuke another city”.  They didn’t think we had the balls to do something that horrible again.  They declined to surrender, so we bombed another city.   Then, we told them “we can do this all day.  Surrender, or we are going to pick off every city one at a time”    Japan then surrendered.  Here is what is remarkable about that story – we were out of bombs.  We only made 2.

 Which country will start WW3? Why?

Interesting question.  See, I don’t see the US being the superpower it was.  In fact, I think that began in the Bush era.  While the USA is still probably the best place to come if you are ambitious and capable, i think our influential on the world stage drops daily.

This question begs the reference of the amazing Einstein quote (who can get credit for ending WW2 by coming to the US and warning us about what Germany had).  “I do not know how WW3 will be fought, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones.”

I think we can all worry about North Korea, though, who is more desperate to be taken seriously than Donald Trump.

I think it will be the us trying to still be a world power.

What is the most ridiculously believed piece of misinformation?

That the Dems/liberals invented Covid to make the GOP look bad.  I think amongst people who believe this are split between thinking Covid isn’t a real concern at all.   AND those who do acknowledge it but blame the Dems/Liberals for causing it/leaking it.  We aren’t that clever.  I say the same of people who think our own Govt caused/staged the attacks on 9/11.  Again, our officials aren’t that clever.  They literally can’t get anything passed or agreed upon.  There could be a bill in Congress called ‘puppies are cute’ with ZERO budget or riders attached, and it would be voted down by every member of the party who didn’t sponsor or.

Count me as one of the many Americans who think Congress (both halves… the Senate and the House) are useless and should be deeply punished.  BUT, I don’t blame them.  I blame us.  WE elected them.  How can over 80% of Americans think Congress sucks, YET they all get re-elected at a rate in the 90s.  Don’t complain, or sign petitions, or write them letters.  They don’t give a fuck if you keep electing them no matter what.

Here is my analogy about that.  Every time your got gets on the couch, you say ‘bad dog’ and then feed him bacon.  Yet, he never learns to get off the couch.  Why would he bother if you keep giving him bacon, no matter how angry the tone.  that is your vote.

Congratulations on your Govt installed chip

The trouble with companies asking workers to get microchip implants -
Have you recently received the Covid ‘vaccine’?   Congratulations, you are now a puppet of the Liberal Agenda.  You are now a cowering, commie loving, libtard, America hating, god is bad but gays are good, Democrat.

Before I explain what happens, I strongly suggest you watch the terrifically awesome Canadian comedy movie ‘Strange Brew’.  In that story, the bad guy (Max von Sydow) finds a way to do mind control via something he puts in the beer at Elsinore Brewery.  Once his minions (in this case, hockey players… the Canadians just went full stereotype on this one) can be controlled to kill once they drink the tainted beer, and Max von Sydow plays specific notes on a gothish keyboard.

Let’s see if I can just find a clip.

Ok, this is exactly what has, and will, happened to you.  Basically, the Dems have crafted about 100 million ‘Manchurian candidates’.  Do keep this in mind next time anyone offers you:  free health care, a ‘vaccine’, or an Elsinore beer.

That is most of it.   Where did all the chips come from?  Um, have you heard about this?  Coincidence?  Maybe that explains why I keep seeing ‘check engine’ every time I close my eyes.

Side effects include, but are not limited to:  not saluting stuff all the time, using a universal tv remote to sneak over to neighbor’s windows and changing their television to MSNBC, saluting stuff, zelling paychecks over to George Soros.  Hating on America, Taking people’s guns away. secretly becoming a gay Muslim, taking people’s guns.  Giving people guns, and then telling them what they can and can’t do.  You’re a Democrat now!  Eating tofu, eating veggie burgers, having empathy and possibly even sympathy with those less fortunate.   Reminding people America sucks.

Going door to door and extolling the virtues of no god.  “Good morning, can I tell you about the value of no Christ in your life?  Would you like a life of no accountability?  Would you like to take all your money and just hand it over to dark people who don’t work?  Would you dig make Ayn Rand references to people since you know it will be over their heads?  Welcome to the Democratic Party.  Now quit your job and seek govt assistance!”,

*** post script

Before you go all ‘Blame Canada’ on this (and you should)… Rush even warned us about this.  Yeah, that rush.   Did Rush write you a song?  no, I didn’t think so.  Dig this video, featuring the three most important Canadians alive. I am SO happy to report they are all alive, too.  This bit is about 40 years old.  Dave Thomas, Rick Moranis, and Getty Lee.