Friday Fives – ends up being about Taylor

What is the last song/bit of music you heard?

Willfully?  Like… not counting a jingle on tv or such?  The last piece of music I willfully listened to was Caamp last night.  I was vacuuming, and I always put in hearing protection when I vacuum or mow.  That way, I am both protecting my ears, and being entertained.  Caamp is a great groovy mellow band.  If you know a song of theirs, it would be this one below.  They just put out a new album, and I have been listening to it.  We are going to see them next month at Red Rocks, so I want to be school on the new stuff.

You know… it just occurred to me, I don’t think I have been to Red Rocks this summer.   Wait, I was… I remember worry about my knee.  I was in a knee brace AND a cane.  That is a BIG problem if you are at Red Rocks.  Its build into the side of a mountain, with no handicap access or elevators or anything to get around.  What show was that?  GOT IT – it was Billy Strings.  Billy Strings and Caamp are both bands we saw this year in Phx at the Innings Festival.  What a great show that was.  In just one day, across a couple stages, we got to see Billy Strings, Caamp, the Foos!  It was my first Foo Fighter show, I was stoked.  I like their music, and I love Dave Grohl.  It turned out to be Taylor Hawkins last US show.  He died a few weeks after we saw them.  Perhaps you know by now, but Taylor was a VERY big part of the Foo Fighters.  The concert featured more screen time for Taylor than Dave.  I’ll add a link to this clip, because this isn’t just the show I was, but almost exactly where I was standing.  This was my view.

I have a lot to say about that concert, maybe I’ll put that together soon.  If I do, it likely won’t be posted here.  It would be on my music site.  I’ll give a teaser for my review of that show.  Every single person there would say it was the greatest rock show they have ever seen in their lives.  I felt it was over produced dreck.  I still had an amazing time, but the theatrics were just too much.  Taylor had 7 different cameras on him.  Yes, I counted. The coolest was a straight overhead.  Taylor wasn’t just a stupidly beautiful and attractive man, he also had an undeniable charisma.  If you didn’t know the lore of Dave Grohl and Nirvana and all that.. and I took you to the Foos show… you would assume the band was called the ‘Taylor Hawkins’ band.  I was super stoked to see him play, too.  I had just watched a documentary about him.  He is also in every other music doc ever made.  The camera loves Taylor, and Taylor loved the camera.

I can’t imagine what Dave Grohl has gone through.  Not only were they super close best friends, but Taylor already had a near fatal overdose a LONG time go… 20 years.  Sorry, that went way off the rails… but welcome to my mind.

Ooh…l squirrel.   Shiny coin!

What movie made you a permanent fan of an actor, and what actor?

Big Fish – Ewan McGregor.  This is the best underrated movie that no one knows.  Like Princess Bride, I own several copies.  Don’t even finish this sentence, go watch this movie.

What’s that one song you hear at the right moment put you in a great mood?

Anything from Cat Stevens.  That guy was great!  IS great.  He is a treasure, and I keep forgetting we still have him.  See, he completely and totally vanished for like 30 years.  He had an epiphany, and I’ve also read a near death experience, at the height of his fame.  So, he quit music, changed his name, and just went bye btye.  He became a Mulsim education guy.  What is cool is he still exudes the same happy relaxey vibe.  Like Joe Myers, his music is a backrub.  And… dude has a great sense of humor.  Remember when he and Ozzy did the ‘peace train’ vs crazy train mash up… live.  It was fucking great!  Check this out.  Its like my two favorite musicians in one wonderful silly masterpiece.

          It can’t be described, but it can be embedded

Do you listen to the same song over and over on repeat? Why?

Yes.  HEY, so do you, you just don’t cop to it.  I don’t listen to music actively like I used to… I guess none of us do.  So, mostly music is a comfort thing for me.  I am not against new music at all.  I just don’t have the energy to seek it out.  I am lucky that wifey is always up for new music, and she has good taste.  And when we find new music we go see it live. Saw Chris Stapleton do a club show, he’s prolly doing stadiums now… and rightfully so.  Saw Billy Strings and Caamp in the last year..  Billy twice, and seeing Caamp again in a few weeks – Red Rocks, baby!

I know I could and should be more new music oriented.  Thing is, I use it as comfort food.  Like food… it may not be the healthiest choice, but there is escapism.  And I feel compelled again to defend myself against this shitty question.  Ever heard of a playlist?  Yeah, that is a thing that every music lover on Earth has built of music they love.

Do you make music, or do you want to?

Yes, and yes.  I am a guitar player, pretty much life long.  I am good.  Certainly not great, but I can hold a room for a couple of hours.  I am so glad I picked it up, its been a life long companion.  People often think of all the things they might do if they could go back in time.  Maybe… save my mother from that oncoming bus, or… invest in Apple. Or, tell Anjelica not to go home with Robbie after that Indiana Jones movie.

Me, I’d bo back and start playing guitar at age 2.  I’d learn all the theory, and prolly pick up piano, too.  Sure, I could learn piano now.  I feel too lazy to invest the amount of time needed.  Remember the Gladwellian ’10,000 hours’?  I believe in that, and at 50… I may have 10,000 hours of leisure time left.  If I do, it needs to be spend helping people and doing good.

Ooh, it’s 10am.  Time for an espresso break and some Kelly and Ryan.


Friday Fives – book stuff

11 ideas de William Burroughs | escritores, generación beat, literatura

What is the best book you have received as a gift?

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal

Was a gift from Jamie.  It was a really nice surprise, right before Christmas.  Wrapped in foil, I believe.  What an amazing and powerful and fantastic book.  The author is Christopher Moore, who I have read a bunch of stuff from since then.  I was thrilled to get the opportunity to pass it forward, and gave my copy of the book to Jeff.

What books are on your nightstand?

An Esquire magazine, and Down the Highway, the life of Bob Dylan.  Note, this is a book book.  I clarify that in case you follow my reading logs, you’ll know I consume all my books through audiobooks.  Since I am working from home, though, I lose that 2 hours a day I was getting of audiobook time in the commute.

This is a great book.  I am a very big fan of Bob Dylan, and have read several books on him.  This is the best so far by a long shot.  I already read this book back in 2018 (according to my own archives, I had to check as I don’t retain that info), but I prolly skimmed it.  Knowing me, I wanted to read up through 1966.  Then, I probably skipped ahead to 1974.  This was a banner comeback year for Bob as that year produced the masterpiece ‘Blood on the Tracks’, and the just recently released ‘Rolling Thunder’ tour.  Then, I probably stopped reading around there, and that was a mistake.  I absolutely do not care for 95% of the music post 1975, but his story is interesting.

I should note here that I dropped off the Dylan train in 1965, here is why.  NOT because he ‘went electric’.  No, Bob was electric back in … ’63?… with ‘Another Side of Bob Dylan’.  Folky acoustic Bob is great, obviously, so is he early turn in rock and roll.  I mean… Highway 61 revisited, Like a Rolling Stone, Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues… that is amazing full rock and roll band production awesomeness.

As you might expect, Bob is a very withdrawn and shy and weird guy.  Wildly insecure about everything, though… how he plays, how he looks, how he sings.

What is the last great book you read?

Fair question.  I am juggling a few, between 2 audiobooks and the Dylan book.  Though the Pellicano book was quite impressive, I have to go with ‘When I was Cool’ by Sam Kashner about the first student to study under Allen Ginsberg in Boulder for the ‘Jack Kerouac school of disembodied poetics’ in the mid 70s.  Not just the first student… but the only.  It is great storytelling, and features a ton of William S Burroughs tales.  Isn’t it odd to think of William S Burroughs in Boulder?  134175880d1e9e6c72a95799c13e4e25e09d67f-beat-generation

Pretty sure Bill Burroughs was born as a 50 year in a suit.  Always in a suit and tie… always.  Not exactly the stereotypical image that comes to mind if I tell you about a junkie living in Boulder.

Describe your best ideal reading experience

Vacation.  There is too much happening at home, and I have the attention span of a gnat.  No, I am not going to get all hyperbolic and say “a coked up gnat”, either.  As far as gnats and literature go, I consider myself at the high end of the spectrum.  I wanted to read ‘the Satanic Verses’ and ‘Midnight’s Children’, which are both dense and thinky books.  I knew I couldn’t just attack those a few pages here and there.  So, they went with me to Mexico.  Its also how I read the super fantastic (and wickedly long) Springsteen autobiography.  What a treat that book was, especially as it was consumed on a hammock in Mexico over the course of a week.  Incredible writing, and maybe the first rock star to not use a ghost writer.

What kind of reader were you as a child?

Wasn’t.  hated it.   hated it like kids hate spinach.  Years later, in high school, I found out why.  Not because reading was sucky and boring… though it was.  Not because I have an undiagnosed learning disability… unless winning and having Tiger Blood are a disability.  It’s because the books I was fed as a kid were shit.  All that Newberry Award winning garbage.  All that SUPER tedious crap of the Bronte’s and hundreds of pages of repressed longing from the aristocracy of the British moors.  My god that shit was boring to a 10 year old boy.  Why not give him a screenplay to a Downtown Abbey episode?  That is how much I could relate.  Until… in high school… Kermit turned me on to Jack Kerouac, Hunter Thompson, Henry Miller, Bukowski.  Now these people were leading the kinds of lives I wanted to be a part of.

Note – in case you care, and I fully get it if you don’t, I archive everything I read over on this tab.  I do it for my own reference, to track what I have read and when.  For years I kept it unpublished to use as a self reference tool.  But then I figured… why not share?  Let’s talk about books.  I love books.  Not just the stuff in them, but the idea of them… the look and feel of them.  The smell and history of them.  Though I ended up with a degree in lit, it was never my goal.  Obviously… what a useless degree.  But, books were something I loved and opened me up to the world.  What a gift, just like music.

Friday Fives – knudda-eye-mean?

109 Of The Most Stylish Mandala Tattoos You Will Ever See | Mandala tattoo  design, Foot tattoos, Spiral tattoos

What is incorrectly perceived as a sign of intelligence?

British accent, and wearing eye glasses.  Lemme explode both of those myths with one photo

article-0-02a25cf10000044d-276_224x388What ruins a cup of coffee?

When its burned.  Specifically, a pot of coffee let on the maker, and it has the heating plate to keep it warm.  Thing is, that plate actually burns the coffee, and evaporates the water… so the coffee gets super bitter and burned.

What is your go-to drink to chill and enjoy the end of a week?

Bourbon.  Its also my go to drink middle of the week.  Heck, middle of the court hearing.  Middle of the elementary school playground.  You name it, and bourbon and I are there together.  It doesn’t have to be good, either.  Though I would know a very bad whiskey, I don’t think I would know a very good one.  Mostly I drink just about any bourbon that is about $30 a bottle.  I really like Breckenridge bourbon.  Always trying to buy local any time I can.

What is the best smell in the world?


*** let the record reflect I managed to go 9 full months without making a ‘your sister’ or ‘your mother’ joke.  I deserve recognition for that.

What food do you swear people only pretend to like?