Friday Fives – music delivery edition


1. How do you listen to your music?

mostly at my computer at work.  It is kind of a shame.  I have a really really nice stereo in my truck.  Big fat subwoofer and all that jazz.  Mostly, though, when I drive I am listening to podcasts or books on tape.  That makes my commute go quicker, and I both learn and am entertained on the drive.  Not sure why you aren’t doing this, but you have me to remind you how to be a better you.  to be a better you is to be me.  you are welcome for that.

when I do want to rock out, it is in the truck.  Must be alone.  For some reason, women tend to think driving time is talking time.  Of course, women think that anytime is talking time.  So, that doesn’t work.  Also, the windows have to be down… even if it is snowing outside.

2. CDs are dying, no one uses cassettes anymore. Where is music going to come from?

yeah, a couple years ago I threw out all my cassettes.  Just right in the garbage, hundreds of them.  Here is what really hurt, about a quarter of them were bootlegs.  Bootlegs being live recordings passed from fan to fan, getting shittier sounding each time.  I had a very impressive catalogue of live Dead, Allmans, and Pearl Jam.  Note, all three of those bands encourage their fans to tape and distribute live shows.  They still do, but everything is digital now.

Last week in cleaning up, I found a cassette for Smashing Pumpkins ‘Gish’.  It’s an amazing album.  I don’t have a cassette player anywhere, but I can’t bring myself to throw it out.   even though i have a few copies on CD, including the beautiful remaster and repackage job.

Focus man, back to the question.  Well, the future of music is definitely digital.  So, where will it come from?  Anywhere that has access to the internet.  It will be integrated into everything, soon.  In Japan, for example, their biggest cell phone company is Softbank.  of their subscriber base, 10% of their sales aren’t even phones.  They are things like toasters and digital picture frames and refrigerators that are all online.

I would like to make it so that each time I open my fridge, Mungo Jerry’s ‘in the summertime’ plays.  That is a great song, and somehow just goes with eating.  By the way, take a look at this guy.   Is there a better example of 70’s than this?  This is the singer from Mungo Jerry.  dude looks like a black power cartoon.  What is weirder is I don’t even think he is black.

Here is what is weirder, and even makes him more awesome.  Dude is a Brit!  Perhaps he is half black. We used to call them mulatto, but I don’t think you are allowed to say that anymore.  I am pretty sure it is a racial slur, which is dumb.  How about some other famous mulattos?  Lenny Kravtiz, President Obama, Slash, Tom Morello, Tyler Stewart, and Bob Marley

another thing you aren’t allowed to say?  ‘Siamese Twins’.  It is bad and racist to say that.  Now, we call them ‘conjoined twins’.  I guess the Siam lobby was fed up with everyone assuming they were all stuck together?  Anyhow, take it from me, don’t use either term.  It’s a sticky situation.   Get it?

3. What genre is the next big thing coming down the pike?

jesus, I am the wrong person to ask about that.  even though I know more about music than everyone you know combined, I just don’t care about new music.  Now, dumb people will say “todays music is ______”.  This is universally and always a stupid statement.  I am positive there is amazing music being made right now.  Likely the best in history.  However, I am not interested in new music.  I like what I like and I am not too interested in finding new bands.  I just feel I don’t have the time.  Now, a few bands slip in and quality rises to the top – avett brothers, ray lamontagne, brandi carlile are all awesome and current.

4. Who/what musically do you recommend these days?

see above.  Are you even paying attention?  also, go with Bob Dylan’s first five albums.  not ‘Blood on the Tracks’ though.  You aren’t ready for that.  Then get Grateful Dead’s ‘Live without a Net’.  Now, leave me along and get off my lawn.

Generally, the only new music I buy is new releases from old bands. 

5. Did you ever belong to Columbia House Record Club?

oh for sure.  6 cassettes for just a penny!  They were so deceptive that they got sued out of business.  not only were they not leveling with the consumers, they were screwing the musicians out of the royalties.  Their logic was “well, we sold your record for 1 penny.  So, I can’t quite give you a tenth of a penny now can I?”

this falls under what your mother should have told you “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is”.