Friday Fives – wanna see my driveshaft?


How long is your commute? 

62 miles each way!

Do you dread it?

Not at all.  Well, sometimes.  On the whole, it’s great.  It is ALL highway, not a single stop light.  I listen to podcasts and books on tape.  That way I am both entertained… and I feel like I am getting stuff done

Do you multi task?

Not on my phone, or a laptop, or anything.  I am busy driving.  I am basically reading a book, though.  Doesn’t that count?

Any specific music or podcasts or books on tape to get you through?

I never miss a Car Talk, This American Life, or Adam Carolla Show.  I have about 10 other podcasts I download automatically, but whether I listen to those depends on the topic/or guest.  There are tons of free apps for podcasts.  The one I use is ‘Podcast Addict’.  It takes the shows I have bookmarked and automatically downloads them as they become available.  Mostly, though, it is audio book through

Best part about your commute?

It’s just time to clear my head.  Like, by the time I get home, work stuff is a thousand miles away, and forgotten.  Also, it is just beautiful.  It is a drive through a commercial for Colorado.  I go through an area called the Black Forest.  Above is a picture I took this very morning (12.17.16),  you can see how pretty it is, even during a perilous ice commute.  Yes, I was driving on snow and ice, while it was snowing, and it was -8 degrees  out… and what am I doing?  Fishing for my phone to take pictures.  Safety first, America!  See what I do for you?

 This is the little highway I take.  I could also get south via the i-25, but that is ugly and trafficky and just a boring way to be.

Worst part?

There is no cheating a commute like that.  Today, had to drive through a day old snow storm, and it was neg 3 out.  That took 2 hours, and I actually lucked out.  Normally, my drive is just a pinch over an hour.  I say ‘cheating’, because I used to be able to cheat.  There is a super fast wonderful highway across town that cut my old commute almost in half.  Problem is, it’s a toll road, and super expensive.  It is the only toll road in the state, and no matter where I go, I always seem to live close to it.

This drive now has no cheats like that.  Even if I drove wicked and dangerous fast, it is still about an hour.  Luckily, I love to drive, and we have two really terrific and Colorado worthy cars