a waste of money

Ok, I just saw a commercial for the awesomest movie ever made.  It was rad.  There was explosions and stuff that blew and then there was things that just disintegrated.  Yeah.  It was about the best commercial ever, for what I assume will be the best movie ever.

Then, just as I am pledging my life to this new cinematic vision… it happens.  The last shot as it fades to black is Keanu Reeves.  What?  no!  really?  You took that movie and gave it to Keanu Reeves?  He is the worst actor ever.  That is like building a super car porsche mercedes Ferarri car and then giving the keys to Nick Nolte.  It’s like getting Picasso and Monet and Dali to collaborate on a mural and your executive director is Thomas Kinkaid.

I mean, why waste that much awesomeness on Keanu Reeves?  That would be like taking what was on track to be the greatest rock band in history and firing everyone and then stealing the band name and releasing your follow up album only 20 years later with no original members?

It’s like getting Seth McFarland and Matt Groening together to work on a screenplay… for… a saved by the bell reunion.  What a waste of all that awesomeness.  Now I never see that movie.  I can’t wait to miss that movie.  I am going to get off work early the day it comes out to make sure I miss it.

Nic Cage stops acting, and admits it!



Nicholas Cage is a courageous man.  Many actors just stop acting in their prime.  Who?  Keanu Reeves, David Caruso, Gary Sinise, Dennis Farina, the Rock, and Al Pachino… to name a few.  These are people who either opted to stop acting…  or worse:  play the same character for their entire career.


Cage falls into the former.  He was a good actor.  Remember Raising Arizona?  That was good stuff, solid character acting.   Then, the worst possible fate for an actor befell him > action roles.

Some could never act, I am looking in your direction Matthew McConnasomethingorother.

Some time ago, Nick Cage stopped acting.  Just, threw in the towel.  Oh, he was in movies alright, but he stopped acting sometime right after ‘Leaving Las Vegas’.  Here is what Nick Cage said earlier this year he was “going to quit acting”.  Yeah, he is still doing movies, he just isn’t acting anymore.  At least dude admits it.


Boy, he sure nailed that one right on the head. Nick Cage is like Axl Rose.  They both would have served the world better had they died at 27 and left us wondering what awesomeness they would have given us.  Instead, we have the reality, which is a shit sammich.




mean?  sure.  but accurate, admit it!