Friday Fives

1. Have you ever taken part in a demonstration?

way!  Absolutely.  Demonstrations are part of the human experience.  Fight the man, stick it Whitey!  We aren’t gonna take it anymore.  We are tired of your shit, man!   btw, I picked up a girl at an anti-war rally.  True story!  It was the gulf war, and I had long hair back then.  I was a deep thinker, brother.

2. Is there an issue you’d protest against now?

yeah, that fucktard Rev Fred Phelps who goes to soldier’s funerals and has signs that read ‘God hates fags‘.

3.  What would be your protest chant?

“God doesn’t hate anyone, brother.  Well, except you!”  I probably need something to rhyme, but you get the gist.

4. Through-out history there has been an event that has lead to every day at one point or another being called “Bloody.” What’s the worst day of the week for you?


5. The one person I’d like to see in prison is …………………… for the crime of … ?

Rev Fred Phelps.  Crime against: decency, humanity, christianity, and general douchebaggery.  I don’t wish people dead.  never have, never will.  I wish Reverend Fred Phelps dead.  Also, terrorist sympathizer Robert Novak.  However, I think he is dying… so that is sufficient.