What was ruined for everybody by one person?

Democracy, by GW Bush.  The first election, I don’t fault America for voting for that assclown.  I get that people didn’t love Gore.  He has absolutely zero charisma.  The re-election, though… we knew.  We knew he fucking sucked as a president.  We watched him fail at everything.  We watched the worst attack in American history happen under his watch. By then, we knew he was incompetent.  We knew he was a liar.  We knew he was a half wit.  We knew he could have defeated the Taliban for good, and was SO goddamn close… when  he pulled everyone out right in the middle to attack Iraq.  We knew he lied about Iraq having ‘weapons o mass destruction’.

In fact, let’s talk about that criminal endeavor so sick that he and Cheney should be hung for war crimes.  GWB sends a known and trusted ambassador to Africa to see if they had the materials necessary to build a nuke.  Specifically, we were looking for ‘yellow cake’, which is enriched uranium.  We knew who to send.  We sent Joseph Wilson.  I don’t even think his mission was to find if they had uranium enriched.  I think it was more like “we know they have it.  We just need you to go there and rubber stamp our suspicions”.  He did not find any.  Didn’t just not find them, but felt without question they did not have any.  So, dude reports back and tells the White House that Iraq was clean.

GWB and Cheney ignore his report, and go all in on the war.  We were told, verbatim, that the case was a ‘slam dunk’.  Wilson is not amused that the White House was heading straight to war against the known fact they were innocent of this.  SO.. Wilson writes a NY Times article that said “What I did not find in Africa”.  This wasn’t politics.  This is a guy risking his career and state department job by publically calling out the president and urging America not to go to war on bunk intel.

Based on my experience with the administration in the months leading up to the war, I have little choice but to conclude that some of the intelligence related to Iraq’s nuclear weapons program was twisted to exaggerate the Iraqi threat.

Btw, this isn’t the scandal, yet.  This part above is not why I think these men (Cheney and Bush et all) should be tried and hung for war crimes.  It gets WAY worse.  How does the White House handle this?  Stop the war?  Double the efforts on intel?  No.  they discredit him.  How?  Oh, in the most fucked up way.  Cheney has Robert Novak leak a story to discredit Wilson and his findings.  That isn’t even the scandal.  Cheney & Novak leak that Wilson was just a patsy and a butt boy for his wife.  His wife the very active spy.

A week after Wilson’s op-ed was published, Novak published a column which mentioned claims from “two senior administration officials” that Plame had been the one to suggest sending her husband. Novak had learned of Plame’s employment, which was classified information.

In order to make their point, the threw Wilson and his wife WHO WAS AN ACTIVE SPY IN DEEP COVER under the bus.  This puts her, a patriot, and employee of GW Bush and crew, at risk.  Even better?  To make sure people knew this wasn’t just hyperbole, Novak and Cheney, he names her cover.  Like any spy, she had a cover.  She was a legal person for a fictitious law firm:  Brewster, Jennings, & Associates.  It was not just Plame’s cover, but several deep cover CIA agents.  By Novak naming that law firm as a fake CIA front.

This meant EVERYONE who was using that cover was now compromised.  You know that part in the movies where the spies realize their cover is blown, and have to flee stat?  That happened.  Our own govt outed our own spies, just to make a point.  Now, not only does Plame have to GTFO, so does every other NOC.  That, my friends, on every level… is a war crime.  That is James Bond type villainy.

where there consequences this?  Not really.  Cheney’s chief of staff took the hit, and then was instantly pardoned.

I will never, EVER forgive them for that. 

My point being, you assholes knew all of this and still re-elected him.  For that, I will never forgive you, either!  I know I got a little off course, there, but every American needs to know this about their government.

When is bigger NOT better?

 As an American, I think we all know that bigger is better.  You some kinda commie,   bro?

What never gets old?

Boobies.  Looking at ‘em, playing with them, playing in them.  Talking about them, guessing about them, and violating them in a sexy and terrible way.  As I grow older, my libido has become less urgent.  Unlike when I was 20, I do not having to think about sex 20 hours a day.  Boobies, though, that love has never waned.  Nature and evolution went WAY overboard on that one.  When god was planning this out, he thought “hmm.  In order that people procreate, I think I will make breasts rather desirable to the male species.”  That… that would be reasonable.  Instead, we got this “hey, pretty much every waking moment of being a man, you are going to think about titties.  Wanna work?  Wanna fight?  Wanna sleep?  Wanna show your love for me in church?  Too bad; you ain’t doing any of that.  Instead, I designed it so that all you will ever think about is titties!”

I am not complaining, I am just a little puzzled.  It’s not necessarily a great thing.  It leads us men to objectify women, rape women, and beat them.

What Do You Do That Other People Don’t Do?

Think about boobies all day long?  Oh.  Everyone else does, too?  Ok, cool.  Um… lesse.  I can play guitar well, but so can millions of others  My mind goes to ‘stupid human tricks’ here.  I can play the intro to ‘Piano Man’ on harmonica.  But… so can Billy Joel.  Lemme think on that and get back to you.  Ask my wifey.  We have been together 20 years… half our lives.  Odds are, she knows me better than I know myself.

What life experiences should be on everybody’s bucket list?

Tell you a little about mine.  Skydiving, seeing the Dalai Lama, and seeing the northern lights.  These are just the ones that come to mind of late.  Ideally, I will have settled and experiences half of those things by the end of summer.

For you?  Well, I highly and deeply recommend seeing a show at Red Rocks.  I recommend traveling to Europe.  Oooh, and another couple extraordinaire venues; the Gorge in Washington, and the ‘Mish’… the Mishawaka amphitheater in Northern Colorado (about 2 hours North of Denver).  The ‘Mish’ is a small concert venue that is in the woods, and on a river.  See here, and here.


Bring me the head of Robert Novak


Ok, you heard about Plamegate, or Spygate, or Rovegate, right?  Whatever you call it, some very high placed Republicans leaked the name of a top secret government agent to get revenge on her husband. They wanted to get revenge on her husband because he said (and he was totally right) that the Niger Yellow Cake story was bullshit. He said Iraq was not seeking Uranium to make nuclear weapons. He should know, he was the American something or other to Niger for some time. Problem was this, the president had his speech ready for America saying ‘we have proof Iraq is in Niger scoring the kind Yellow Cake’. Problem is, that was a 100% lie and the President knew it.

So, when dude told the President and the press “this is totally untrue”, they said “oh yeah, well your wife is a spy”. This much is true, and for the most part people are being finally held accountable. This will go all the way up to Cheney and Rove though. All of the major players in this treasonous scandal have been brought to light and dealt with in some form. All except for Robert Novak, the most odious of all these traitors.

See, what Novak did was publish all this dirt… and more. See, all of this was just high powered politicos playing their games. That all ended the minute Novak wrote a column about the whole thing, naming Valerie Plame as a deep cover agent. It gets worse. Novak also mentioned her cover business. See, like a movie, these deep cover top secret agents have cover stories and cover identities. One of the common covers they used was a fake consulting firm.  She was a NOC.  That is super deep cover.  That is real life Tom Cruise stuff.

For reasons known only to the devil Novak himself… he even published the name of the front company. What this did was endanger all of the other deep cover operatives still active who were still using that cover. That is treason, and for treason he should be hung. Here is what pisses me off the most about all of this. Novak has never had to testify, lose his job, or even apologize. Understand this: Robert Novak willingly outed a deep cover top secret CIA agent for political spite, and endangered countless others by publishing their covers. Robert Novak is an enemy of the state, and yet somehow still writes his column and shows up on TV everyday.

Do you understand how big this is?  This is as big as Watergate.  We did recon to see if Hussein was building nukes.  We got definitive info that he wasn’t.  The war machine was already gearing up, though.  So, there was no stopping it.  As we are gearing up to go to war in Iraq (to protect us from their nukes, which he now know they didn’t have) ambassador Joseph Wilson goes public.  With great balls of steel he tells the public that Iraq isn’t building nukes and he can prove it.  Now, the govt has egg on their face.  So, they quickly have to discredit Joseph Wilson.  How did they do that?  They fed the story to Novak that Wilson’s wife was a spy, so you can’t trust him.  It was true.  She was a spy… FOR US.

Know what else is nuts?  Guess who sent Wilson to Niger to investigate the yellow cake uranium story?  Dick Cheney himself.  The same guy who orchestrates the cover up.

With Novak being the errand boy for the Bushies, Wilson’s wife (Valerie Plame) is now outed as a spy.  Her life is in danger, as she was deep undercover.  THEN… Novak publishes the name of her cover identity.  Her cover story was she was a lawyer for Whitney and Nonesuch (made up name, so you don’t end up dead for reading this).   Well, Whitney and Nonesuch was the cover firm for a bunch of our spies.  So, this outed all of them, too.  Novak never apologized, or even acknowledged doing anything wrong.  This makes him the worst man in America.  It makes him a terrorist and a traitor.  That can not be emphasized or stated enough.

* Epilogue

I have been working on this piece in my head for years, and on paper for a few days now. I get so angry I have to step away. As I was finishing some of my final ramblings, this story pops up as the headline on CNN. Read this:

— A former Sinn Fein official recently exposed as a British spy was found fatally shot Tuesday after apparently being tortured

Oh yes, the consequences are VERY real for outed spies. Mr Novak, you may be the worst human on the planet right now. Well, except for Tom Cruise and that Hussein guy.

Dick Cheney shoots buddy – the truth about all of this

You may have heard that the vice President ‘accidentally’ shot a hunting partner this weekend. You may have heard that he NEVER reported it, and it only became public when someone at the hospital leaked the story to the media. You may have heard he shot the dude in the face, with a shotgun. You have heard right.

See, here is the thing. How come when one of the President’s posse shoots someone in the woods it is a ‘hunting accident’ and when I do – is ‘attempted manslaughter’, ‘felonious assault with a deadly weapon’, or ‘trespassing’? Do you see the game they are playing? How come nobody thinks the guys I shot are accidents? How come there are now 13 states that I am not allowed to teach in?

Here is the deal. The thing with Rudy is, he was being a tool and still hadn’t returned my sisters car. Does that mean I shot him on purpose? According to the commonwealth of the people of Nebraska it does. Actually, Cheney just moved up two rungs in my estimation: 1) he shot a Republican, and 2) got away with it! Anyhow, this is a Chappaquiddick style cover up for sure. Listen to the official report:

While the state Parks and Wildlife Department issued Cheney a warning for not
possessing a required stamp on his hunting license, the sheriff’s department
said there was “no alcohol or misconduct involved in the incident.

What? He had no hunting license? Why? Maybe because he shoots at people. No alcohol was involved? Why not, you were hunting with the boys, right? Hmmm, correct – very suspicious. Here is the capper, reader, and the reason why I get paid the big bucks – ‘no misconduct involved in the incident’. Really? None? Um, how about the part when the VP shot a man in the fucking head with a shotgun ? If that ain’t misconduct, I want all them felony assault charges overturned, and all my swords back. Here that, Tammy?

So, where does a guy like me go to relax, Florida. This is where I have been. Since I cheesed out of the Friday Fives last week, here instead is a pic from my cell phone. This is a sunset shot off the coast of Key West taken Friday night.