Friday Fives – hounds and aliens edition

1. What is the most mysterious paranormal thing thing you have witnessed?  

you ready for this?  When I was very young, I think I saw a flying saucer from my backyard.  Not an optical illusion, or someone’s mylar balloon… but a legitimate flying spaceman saucer.  So, here is the thing.  It was so long ago that I no longer trust my memory, and I wonder if maybe I just dreamt it.  I have never told a single soul on earth that story until now.

2. Have you ever gone on a hunt and solved a mystery, like Scooby Doo and the gang?

yeah.  On Sundays, I take my hounds tracking.  This is where they learn to track people by scent, just like in the movies.  One week we were meeting at a park by “Susan’s” house, where she had laid a scent track the week before.  For this story, we will call her ‘Susan’ since that is her name.  However, Saturday night, her car got broken in to and they stole her purse.  So, since we were in the area with about ten incredibly well trained scent tracking dogs… we had a mission.

first thing we needed was a ‘scent article’.  That is something or somewhere the person touched.  We found the bad guy had used the door handle, so there was our scent article.  We figured out it was two people who left the neighborhood and took off into a park and then split up.  Likely just dumb teenagers.  We weren’t able to track them to a house with certainty.  However, you can bet they looked at their window and saw tracking hounds EVERYWHERE for a few hours.  It must have looked like a missing person movie shoot.  oh, and we found the purse by following the scent.  the kids had dumped it into a bush on their way towards the park.

3. Have you ever witnessed a crime?

Yeah, when I was a kid we used to go to this vacant dirt lot by our house to go ride our dirt bikes.  We made jumps and just hung out there.  Probably smoked cigarettes and drank terrible warm beer.  I don’t remember the details.  Anyhow, my folks were not pleased with me hanging out there.  I was banned from the lot.  Being a young early teen, of course I went anyone.  One day there we say a guy in a car chase down another car, and crash into it on purpose.  Then, the guy got out and ran up to the car he just hit and took the woman’s baby.  There was this huge screaming match and the guy drove off with the baby.  This was a serious and straight up kidnapping.

That isn’t even the interesting part.  The interesting part is this > I was forbidden from being in that lot.  We all were.  So, we took off and told NO ONE about what we saw, because we were afraid we would get grounded for being in the park.  I feel kinda bad still that we didn’t speak up.

4. Do you have a favorite fictional cop or crime fighter?

no.  wait. kinda.  This guy isn’t fictional, but my hero is John Douglas.  He is the guy who invented FBI profiling of serial killers.  The guy is amazing.  He can look at a murder victim and say “the person who did this is a white guy late teens with a limp.  Probably has a shaved head and drives a van”.  he could figure all that shit out just from a crime scene… and he was always right.  Read about him here, it’s an incredibly compelling book.  Well, it is if you like studying serial killers,

5. McGruff the crimestopper: Recidivist or actual do-gooder?

known arsonist and suspected check forger.  fact.