Sirian Slip & Google SubText®

a Sirian slip® – when dictating to Siri and she makes a Freudian slip typo on your behalf.

example > I would like to spank all the wonderful women who have made me who I am today

I just invented this, and would like you to start using it in conversation.  It’s cousin is when you are texting away and your phone’s auto-correct makes an embarrassing spelling change.  This, below, is your phone’s brand new feature – Google SubText®

Google ‘subtext®‘ –  if I want to send a text to the wifey saying “want me to pick up pizza tonight?”.  Let’s say i wanted to send that.  Instead, somehow, the phone sends that stupid auto-correct “Since clearly you can’t cook.  I guess I need to take care of dinner again, like I do every night?”  I KNOW I typed in to my phone, without question “pizza tonight?”  Pretty sure I did, I was driving and not super paying attention.  Anyhow, that was the message sent and now I am in a shit-ton of trouble.

that would be ‘Google Subtext®’ or a ‘Sirian Slip’ – for those of you too cowardly (like myself) to speak your real mind