Friday Fives

1.  When do you get up?

as late as possible.  can’t stand mornings.  don’t even care for you asking me that question.  On school days, the alarm goes off at 7 and I am moving around 7:45 am.  On weekends, around ten-ish if I can.

2.  Do you pout and preen like cheap tarts in a red light street?

outstanding Police reference, first and foremost.  The Police was my very first rock concert… when I was ten.  I am fine with each and every red light.  After about 4 in a row, though, I start to get victimy.
3.  Does it taste like chicken?

what?  I know what you want.  You want me to make a ‘your mother’ joke, am I am simply above it.  Grow up, seriously.

4.  This is a colon : and this is a semi-colon ; – what’s next?

you know, I have always struggled with this.  I have a friggin’ English degree, and I just finally learned it a few years ago.  Here is the deal; anything after the semi-colon should be something that stands on its own as a sentence.  A colon (:) is generally used for lists.  At list, by me.
5.  What do you keep in your picinick basket, boo boo?

your mother, and a bottle of wine.