Friday Fives – Alf vs Roger edition


What characters of TV show would you like to see meet each other?

Alf and Roger from American Dad. HEY… don’t roll your goddamn eyes at me like that. I didn’t write this shit, I am just answering. Admit it, that is a conversation you would love to eavesdrop on.

 What movie would be better if the protagonist was high all the time?

dirty dancing

 What show do you wish was still on tv/Netflix/etc?

Playmakers. It was this hour long drama based on the NFL that was absolutely amazing. Just mind-blowingly good television. Problem is, it rang too true. The NFL killed it. See, the show was on ESPN… maybe ten years ago. ESPN can’t live without the NFL. The NFL constitutes about a quarter of their programming. This article describes it SO well, I’ll like and just take a big chunk.

 When ESPN decided to bless the masses with its own original drama series titled “Playmakers,” it became a little too real. Playmakers, now 10 years old, gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the Cougars, a fictional professional football team located in Parts Unknown, USA. With 11 episodes laid down for the first season, Playmakers would become the highest rated show on ESPN outside of Saturday college football and Sunday Night Football, and a large segment of sports fans were hooked …

… and that’s when the National Football League said enough was enough.



What’s the best movie you’ve seen that you wouldn’t recommend to anyone?

Harold and Maude. I think it is genius. It is funny and sad and warm and weird. Cat Stevens does the soundtrack, to boot. I think it is one of the top five movies EVER made (here are the others, since you asked: Forrest Gump, Princess Bride, Harvey, & Fish Called Wanda). Problem is, it is too weird. I mean… it is really really fucked up. A synopsis, to prove my point. A 14 year old boy prone to staging suicides meets and falls in love with an elderly kleptomaniac he meets at strangers funderals. The fall in love to the amazing soundtrack of Cat Stevens, and the story almost ends in a suicide pact… the 14 year old boy and is 80 year old lover.

I love this movie in countless ways; acting, casting, soundtrack, cinematography, story… everything. It was made in 1972, the year I was born. For fun, I thought I would show it to my team. Yes, I brought that film in and showed it to my employees. When it was done, I said ‘what did you think?’ I thought I would hear “that was weird, but it really came together at the end. We loved it!” No sir, that is not what they said. Instead, AJ said “dude, seriously… what is wrong with you?”

  What movie would be better done in legos?

Team America. Oh… you didn’t see that coming, did you? Speaking of seeing that coming…