The Christian Right & the KKK

Here, for the sake of full disclosure… start here.  I wrote this 8 years ago, and it becomes more accurate every day.

I always had a suspicion that Republicans were racists, and the Christian Right was behind the whole mess.  Frankly, it is a pretty obvious stereotypes.  I wanted to be better than that.  Plus,  I just never had any overt proof that the Christian Right is linked with the GOP and the KKK.  Until today, that is.

Now, the link between the ‘Christian Right’ and the KKK is laid out below, carefully.  However, you may ask what does that have to do with the GOP.  The GOP (Republican party) is very close with the Christian right.  They take orders from them.  Why?  Because the Christian right vote heavy, and they vote in lock step.  It is a big voting block that you need as a Republican.  It’s like how Dems go after minorities and unions.  Same thing.

First, allow me to clarify how I use the term ‘Christian Right’.  I am not referring to people who go to church, or love god, or read the bible.  I am referring to the dangerously anti-Christian groups of Colorado Springs that influence and write legislature.  Specifically, I am talking about Rev James Dobson and his ‘Focus on the Family’ team.

You may recognize the group ‘Focus on the Family’.  They are the group that produced Rev Haggard.  Haggard is the guy who spent his time telling kids they were going to hell if they were gay.  That was his full time job at the church… fixing gay.  They did a whole documentary on it, see here.  This guy didn’t fix gay, he just pushed suicides in young gay men.  That was until he was caught in a gay sex scandal himself.  You know, I don’t mind that he was gay.  That isn’t my business.  What IS my business is that this evil, hurtful person drove kids to suicide for being gay themselves.  Nice crew, huh?  That isn’t even what we are writing about today.  We are just establishing character of the Christian Right.  You may say “but these guys don’t represent the entire Christian community”, and I say “Bullshit!  Yes they do“.  These are the ones writing policy, picking candidates, and funding legislation in the United States.  It is all based here out of Colorado Springs.

Anyhow, the Christian Right is growing, and so is the KKK.  Coincidence?  Nope!  Is this just a lefty theory put together by a  vengeful Democrat?  Nope.  the KKK said it themselves.  Business is great in the hate business, because there is a black guy in the White House.

“Membership is booming in Colorado,” said Cole Thornton, Imperial Grand Wizard of the United Northern and Southern Knights of the KKK, which claims to be the largest KKK offshoot in the United States and is active in Colorado.

Mark Potok, SPLC’s spokesman, said, “the truth is that the radical right in the U.S. has grown enormously in the last 10 years, particularly since Obama’s election in 2008.”

So, am I saying everyone who is a Republican or Christian is a racist?  I would not say that, because I am open minded.  However, YOUR dipshit President DID say that.  Remember this gem, about Islam?  “you are either with us, or against us“.  Well, using the the syllogism of your leader, you are part and parcel of racism and hate in America. I am just saying it appears you are all on the same team, and wearing the same uniform.  Good work, righties.  Note, this is NOT a damnation of Christians.  This is a damnation of a specific militant wing of the Christian party working to control US policy.

Note, I am not even getting into the whole Vatican/Catholic priest rape cover up stuff.  This is specific to the racism of the right.

* btw, this is a perfect segueway for my thoughts on the ‘Tea Party’.  The Tea Party are racist dispshits who should all kill themselves.  Why?  Because in the last 50 years, the deficit has been raised the highest in history by Republican Presidents.  It started with Reagan, and each succeeding Republican President raised the debt ceiling higher than anyone in history had.  Each and every Republican president raised the debt ceiling. No one said a word. I had never even heard of the term ‘debt ceiling’ until President Obama, and I follow politics very closely. Not until Obama raised the debt ceiling yet again was it known to me.  See, he had to pay off two completely unfunded wars.  No president in history had cut taxes during war time.  See, wars are incredibly expensive.  Only then to pay off Presiden’t Bush’ war debt did the Tea Party rear it’s head.  Bush Jr raised the debt ceiling 8 times.  Reagan, the guy all you righties worship, raised the debt ceiling 12 times.  Yet, when this President tried it ONCE… you all flipped.  That is a double standard, and it makes every single one of you tea party asshats racist.

Allow me to clarify why I think you should kill yourself.  I do not think so because you want limited government.  That is a great cause and idea.  I don’t think you should kill yourself because you are fighting for accountability in govt spending.  What you are fighting for, on paper at least, is awesome.  My issue with you is that stuff above isn’t really what you are fighting for.  Nope.  You are fighting all of this because it is a black guy.  How is it never once did you speak up during Bush’s quarterly deficit jumps?  How come no one ever asked “how are we going to pay for these two world wars: Afghanistan and Iraq?”.  How come no one said “isn’t it weird and ironic that communist China has bankrolled our two wars for Democracy?” 

Nope.  You were silent, which makes you complicit.  Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.  You, Tea Party, did nothing.  That makes you racist, hypocritical, disingenous fucktards who should kill themselves.

You know what, the President could pass a bill saying puppies are rad, and Boehner would fight it with every fiber of his being.  That isn’t public service, or even politics.  That is obstructionism.  It is why the GOP has STILL blocked the health care bill designed specifically to assist first responders form 9/11, who are all turning up with cancer now.

** in closing, remember this.   A wise man once said “religion is like your genitalia.  You shouldn’t have it out in public, and you shouldn’t shove it down your children’s throats”


are Christians the problem?

It sure seems like that may be the case.  Ok, they aren’t the problem.  Let’s say… a problem.  I am not just talking about obstructionists like Dobson, who want America to fail.  He is an easy and obvious target for reasonable men like myself.  I am talking about pharmacists who are refusing to give medicine if it doesn’t square with their religious beliefs.

I wrote about this three and a half years ago here.  Specifically, this is in reference to pharmacies refusing birth control or contraceptives to unmarried people.  Frankly, this fills me with murderous rage.  To clarify, it is fine with me if you don’t believe in birth control.  What you believe is your business.  It is fine with me if you believe that Tom Cruise is an OT7. It’s not my business.  It wasn’t anyway, until these asshats came on the scene.  I firmly do not believe they should be allowed to dictate medicine in a public environment per their own morals.

What about pain meds?  I bet at least half of pain meds given out are for people who did something dumb.  What if you busted your knee coveting your neighbors wife?   What if you were stealing Flander’s newspaper and got hit by a car.  Stealing is wrong, so you shouldn’t get medical treatment at all.

How about another example.  I don’t like Republicans at all.  I don’t believe that health care and rights are only for the rich.  So, should I not fix the lawnmowers of Republicans?  That would be tough, because none of them mow their lawns.  They all have Mexicans do it, while they sit at the country club bitching about illegal immigration.   Still, though, I fix any lawnmower that comes to my store.  Your beliefs are not my business nor my concern.  My only wish is you might sharpen this blade a little more often.  You aren’t cutting your grass, you are tearing it.  It’s a living plant, bro.

What if you are hung over and under 21?  Should they not sell you aspirin?  What if you are primarily dehydrated (the primary symptom of a hangover)… should they not sell you water?  According to bible thumpers, are we not all born of original sin?  If that is the case, shouldn’t we all just go straight to hell in the eyes of these medical terrorists?  * a few years ago, I coined the term ‘activist pharmacist’ as a play on verbiage the President was fond of.  I am ramping up the rhetoric on this one.  These people are medical terrorists®.

and what of the virgin Mary?  Is that still not a sin?  She gave birth out of wedlock, right?  Was she not a single mother?  Is the Hippocratic oath not to help people?  These people should just kill themselves.  Oops, they can’t do that, either… it’s a sin.