Friday Fives

ok.  lazy Friday Fives this week.  Put your mp3 player on full random.  Tell me about the first five songs that come up.

Coming Back to Me _ Jefferson Airplane

I am a big fan of this band.  Note, this isn’t Jefferson Starship, or Starship.  This is the great folk movement progenitors of the San Francisco sound.  Also, they were neighbors, of the Grateful Dead.  Yeah, Jerry produced their first album.  Go pick up a copy of Surrealistic Pillow sometime.  It has their super hits; White Rabbit, and Someone to Love… and so much more.  This song isn’t from there, though.  It is from a box set I have.  I am such a dork, I have two box sets from this amazing group.

Can’t get enough _ Bad Company

ok, not a great song.  however, this is a great band.  Like the Doobies, Bad Company was the quintessential 70s band.  This is from their greatest hits cd ’10 from 6′.  I highly recommend it.  also, if you can find the CD, it’s probably only like $4 in the bargain bin.

You’re Missing _ Bruce Springsteen and the E St Band

I don’t even know this song.  However, this album is totally awesome.  It’s the Rising, Springsteen’s answer to 9/11.  Totally a very good album.  Oh wait, now I remember this song, it’s depressing.  I put ‘the Rising’ (the song, not the disc) up there with ‘Born to Run’ (the song, not the disc).  It’s that good.  As far as the disc, I find the Rising more listenable than Born to Run.   Sorry Roy.  Know that Bruce Springsteen is the boss, understood?  See him in concert and you will.

Juke Box Hero _ Foreigner

this is a single i just downloaded (and paid for, thank you!) a couple of weeks ago.  It is the only Foreigner song on my player.  This is a really great song.  A classic stadium arena rocker.  Find it, listen to it, love it!  It has strong good memories from my childhood.

Leopard Skin Pill-Box Hat _ Bob Dylan

This is a perfect example of Dylan’s middle period (I just made that term up).  It is a 7 or 8 minute jam of silliness and frustration.  It’s off 1965’s epic double album ‘Blonde on Blonde’.  It is basically Dylan’s first foree into electric and full band compositions.  He hit a home run, though.

This disc includes epic songs such as “Rainy Day Women #12 and #35” (better known as Everybody Must get Stoned).  Not my favorite song, though.  The best on the album, to me, is ‘Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again’.  Think that’s a long title?  The song has about ten verses, all Dylan songs do.

let’s just keep going, eh?

March of the Wooden Dolls _ Joe Myers

amazingly talented and awesome guitarist and singer from Phoenix, AZ.  If you live outside of AZ, you have not heard of him and that is unfortunate.  He is the greatest.  If you live in Phx, you can see him out gigging.  Details here.  Either way, you can pick up his latest album from iTunes.  It’s called ‘Troubled Notes from the Hotel Chelsea’.  Go in and listen to ‘Silver Shoe Lou’ and thank me later.  DO IT!

I have all of Joe’s albums, and never missed a show when he was in town (Flagstaff).  I have been to his house and met his family.  I invited him to play my wedding.  That is how big an endorsement I give Joe Myers.

Who needs sleep _ Barenaked Ladies

I am a big fan of this band, but haven’t followed their new material in many year.  basically, everything up through the first five albums I am in.  Also, I have seen everyone in rock.   Everyone, seriously.  Barenaked Ladies are in the top two or three concerts ever.  Better than Pink Floyd, better than Jimmy Page…  you get the idea.   Side note, the band just did a ‘kids album’.  Then, the lead singer get busted doing blow. oops.

Visions of Johanna _ Bob Dylan

no surprise.  I have a crapload of Dylan on here.  This song is another strong stand out from the forementioned disc above, ‘Blonde on Blonde.’

Shooting Hoops _ G Love and Special Sauce

dumb song, just terrible.  however, I do love this band.  Their first album is just about the finest debut since Pearl Jam’s or Blues Travelers.  Both are debuts many would say the bands never eclipsed after.   I have seen them live a lot, always a good show.

* you may wonder why I only listen to bands letters a – j.  I thought you loved Smashing Pumpkins, and Pearl Jam?  Well, I do.  However, I lost my iPod recently.  As a result, I am using a older back up one that has a broken hard drive.  It won’t recognize bands after ‘J’ in the alphabet.