Friday Fives – bookish edition


 How many of you still read books for entertainment?

I do still read, constantly.  However, I just can’t find time to read a book. I still consume books… daily.  These days, I do it all through audiobooks.  I prattle on about that here.  I read something a few years ago that always sticks with me.  The average American household has less than 5 books in it, and one of those is the bible.

What is that one book you just could NOT put down while you were reading it?

Kathy Griffin’s ‘Official Book Club Selection’.  Also gotta mention Springsteen’s autobiography.  Not just a page turner, but incredibly well written.

Btw, I don’t really read books for ‘entertainment’.  More for relaxation.

What book are you currently reading listening to?

Waging Heavy Peace – Neil Young

What book absolutely blew your mind?

 Lamb – the Gospel of Christ according to Biff, his childhood pal.  This book just blew my mind.  So incredibly super really great.  Mind you, I am not just un-religious… but pretty militantly anti-religion.  I was raised Catholic, though. I would also like to tell you about a near ‘religious experience’ I had with this book.  I was alone in a car for many hours on Christmas day reading it (just by chance) on zero sleep for several days.

This book also turned me on to the amazingness that is author Christopher Moore.  Since this book, I have gone on to read many of his.  Again, I prattle on and on about my love for this guy on my books page.  Just hope over here and do a control F on his name.


Probably how well written that Springsteen book was.  You see how he is the voice of a generation.  I can barely think of my favorite writers who write that well.  He spend 7 years on it, and used no ghostwriter.  No ghostwriter is INCREDIBLE.   All rock memoirs are written with ghostwriters, usually the very impressive Anthony Bozza.  Rock stars don’t generally have the time or attention span or literary capability to do that.  The ghostwriter thing is perfect.  A dude hangs out with you for about a year.  He asks you pointed questions, and you tell him anecdotes.  They put it together for you.  Not the Boss.

Generally speaking, every famous person who has written a book uses a ghostwriter.

If you died today and the last text you received was written on your tomb stone, what would it say?

mostly done



ew… that is actually pretty perfect.  and… kinda creepy out of context of the conversation  Props to the Arizona Monkey Boy for that gem!  In case you don’t remember, we kinda made the Az Monkey Boy famous here.  As a bonus, we have his answers to this week’s five right below.

*** can I point something significant out here?  I just realized I went through an ENTIRE post about books (not my questions, either.  all from my editor) and I never once mentioned Alice in Wonderland.  That is a breakthrough!

Is TMZ staged?

So, I was driving home today and I had a vision.  I watch TMZ, see.  I ain’t proud of it, but I do.  I have watched on and off for quite a while.  I noticed everyone used to be really mean to them.  No surprise, that is how most folks respond to paparazzi.  In fact, I think you are supposed to be mean to them.  What the hell do they care, they are going to sell your likeness to make their money.

Then, I noticed recently that everyone is really nice to TMZ.  Why is that?  Even the super militant anti-paparazzi like George Clooney are all smiley with TMZ.  Doesn’t make sense, does it?

So, who the hell is Harvey Levin?  I mean, he owns it, right?  Where did he get the seed money to start the largest and most influential papp outfit in history?  I did some digging.  He was a court TV reporter.  He is also way older than he looks (does he look 57?).  Harvey doesn’t own TMZ.  AOL/Time Warner owns TMZ.  AOL/Time Warner is a really really really big company.  They own everything you watch and hear.  Is this starting to make sense now?

Here is an example.  I remember a month ago or so, they (TMZ) showed Courtney Cox mattress shopping with her husband.  WTF?  I mean, I can see if you are snapped coming out of the Ivy or Nobu.  But… are papps hanging out outside of mattress stores?  Makes no sense, until… you remember that Courtney Cox Arquette has a new show coming this fall.  She needs some mojo.  So, it’s the only possible solution… Cox’ publicist calls TMZ and tips them off.

Don’t think it doesn’t happen.  Go back to old Kathy Griffin D List shows.  In order to keep herself in the public eye (which is critical for a starlet), she would alert the press to her evey move.  Sadly, now, I find her show almost entirely too staged .  She was better when no one was watching.

So, when you are watching TMZ, you might not be seeing your favorite celebs with their guard down.  You might just be watching a 30 minute Time Warner commercial.  I am still watching, either way.