Friday Fives – Closet? You’ll LOVE it!

We have spent the last two weeks trying to discuss big issues of the day as part of black history month. Well, March is here, time to be a bit less serious.

What is the next big thing – the changer?

The future of everything is inductive charging. It exists now, but not nearly in the sense it will be soon. I think this entire decade will be remembered for only that. Inductive charging is electricity moving through the air by proximity. This 5 years ago the Palm Pre was doing this with their charging stone. Why this didn’t take over and become the default for all phones puzzles me. This is BIG. Like… inventing the internet big. Like… inventing electricity big. Did you see that picture above I linked to? See… that phone isn’t plugged in. It is just laying on the charger.

You know how there are plug in electric cars? Well, the near future is simply a mat you plug in… and drive the car over. No plugs or wires into the car. Look at this, and this. Why is this a big deal? Well… right now they can only move electricity a couple feet. However… they are getting further every day. The short term is that you have a mat on your counter that you plug in. When you get home, you set your phone and tablet and laptop on said pad… and they are now charging. This technology exists now, but for some reason it is barely being used.

One day soon, you will walk into your house and your phone is now charging. Same with your laptop. What else can we do with inductive charging? How about a TV with no cables or plugs.

What is big now that must, must, must just go away?

The ‘keep calm and ____ on’. It started long ago as a British military philosophy. Keep Calm and Carry On. A few years ago, it was co-opted by an urban hipster site ‘the Chive’. Near as I can tell, it is a site solely dedicated to girls in tight shirts and no bras on. This is pretty great, I admit. Problem is, everyone is using this stupid phrase. Example – in Walgreens today they were selling shirts that said ‘Keep Calm and Colorado on’.  I strongly dislike this.  It is overused, and doesn’t make a ton of sense.

What will probably go away but we will probably miss a lot upon its demise?

Lady Gaga.  Not that isn’t talented.  She is mad talented.  She writes all this stuff herself.  She is over exposed, though (NSFW).  She needs to go underground soon before we get to sick of her.  It worked for Eddie Vedder and Alanis Morrissette.  Same thing with Bieber, really.

 What was a prominent thing in your childhood that you rarely see or hear about anymore?

There are a few house innovations that were HUGE in the 80s… and disappeared since then. I want them back. Trash Compactors, and dust busters. They were all the rage, and every self respecting white person owned both.

You’ve just won an insane amount of money but you can only spend it on things that start with the same letter as the first letter in your name. What does your life look like?

uh… kale? Kumquats? Oh man, this is the worst lottery win ever.