I invented this

*** urgent update Dec 2014 – I was showing this to a friend and I found that my mock up pictures were GONE.  I have no idea where they went, or why they disappeared.  That was 7 years ago, and a different webpage provider altogether.  Obviously, this piece doesn’t mean dick without the pictures.  I am looking for them now, and am confident they are archived somewhere.  Check back, and I’ll have them up.  Or, worse, I’ll re-create what I had done.  Wait, that is disingenuous.  This may sound crazy, but I wonder if some computer company took this image down (after they stole my idea.  All I wanted was a free laptop.  and a pepsi) – you may now return to your regular programming.

* update at bottom – 2013

I invented this. Someone read the date today, May 22nd, 2007. I actually thought it up several months ago, but am demanding riches from it now. Before we get to my invention, which will revolutionize personal computing, I should clarify. Firstly, the thing I have invented doesn’t yet exist. That is ok, this is my gift to humanity. Seriously, all I want in return for whatever corporation uses my idea is a free laptop. Ready? Buckle up!

Below you see every laptop on the planet. Notice where the pink arrows are pointing to. These are dead space, on every laptop.

So what is my genius idea? Every single PC laptop is missing a 10 key number pad. Why is that? I can do ten key by touch, so you probably can too! Not without a ten key number pad, though. So what is a guy to do? Well, they make external plug in ten key thingy… but that is stupid. Why doesn’t someone put a ten key in that dead spot (pink squares).>

See that above? That is a super crude mock up I did with Paint, but you get the idea. Now go, do!

WHY? You have the space available, you have the demand, you have the technology. Do it! You are welcome!

* I wrote this back in 2007.   I thought it was such a smashing idea that it was inevitable.  That is why I had the presence of mind to actually call the piece ‘I invented this’.  Lookie here.  Those weasels at Toshiba took my idea.  It now exists, and you can thank me for that.  Now you see why I call the site what I do.