the Friday Fives seem to enjoy every sandwhich


1. What would you write in a fortune cookie?

All jests are half truths

2. What would you write in your yearbook today if the had the chance – back then?

that is worded poorly, and I am not sure I understand it.  I am going to shoot for the spirit of the question… at least what I think it is.  I would use Warren Zevon’s last words… “enjoy every sandwich”.  Are there any better last words than that?  The answer is no.  Except for, of course – Mayonnaise

3. What’s a word you think everyone should know and what do they mean?

if you have been reading this blog for a bit, you should know my answer already – schadenfreude

4.  In five words less what would be your best advice?

well, wouldn’t either 1 or 2 above answer that?  You are doing terrible at asking questions.  However, again – in the spirit in which I think the question was meant – I gotta go with Joseph Campbell – Follow your Bliss

5.  Using only 3 words, how would you describe your week?

crazy super productive


Friday Fives

1. If you could go back in time to change one choice in your life, what would it be?

I have no regrets.  Everything I have done and choices I have made have led me here.  There can be no other way.  Stop regretting and get out there and make your future!

2. What would you like your dying words to be?

See, I told you I was sick!  No wait, a better one:   hold my beer, watch this!

3. If you HAD to change bodies with someone you knew for 1 year, who would it be?

Do I also get to have that person’s life (in that case, Eddie Vedder)… or just their body.  I don’t really look at dude’s bodies, so I can’t think of a candidate.   Know what, I’d be a hot chick with a huge rack.  Shit yeah!

4. Choose your favorite license plate combination. What does it read?

I refuse to join the twitter revolution by minimizing the language down to half thought out abbreviations.  Also, you can follow me now on twitter at

I don’t really twitter, but grabbed it to make sure I got the name ‘Lono’.

5. What fantasy world would you live in (i.e., movie, tv show, book)?

Harold and Maude