Friday Fives

Well, Les Paul died and I am bummed.  In honor of Les Paul, we are just gonna talk guitars today.  It’s my main passion, and life’s work.  Cool?  Let’s start with the ‘Les Paul’ you all know.  It is a solid body electric guitar he invented for Gibson.  Let’s back up.  Les Paul invented the solid body electric guitar.  In short, Les Paul invented the electric guitar.  Seriously.

1.       Who is your favorite guitarist?

Jerry Garcia.  Not just my personal favorite, but I believe the best rock guitarist ever.  Yes, better than Hendrix, Page, and Stevie Ray.

2.       Most guitarists are in one of two camps:  Stratocaster, or Les Paul – you?

with all due respect to the late great Les Paul, I am a Strat guy.  Do you have any idea how goddamn heavy those Les Paul’s are?  In the business, it was known as the ‘the log’.  No joke!  I have written a good deal about that right here.

3.       If you could have any guitar, what would it be?

a specific guitar?  Jerry’s tiger.  In general, one of those 50th Anniversary strats.  Oh sweet lord, it is hot.  Lemme tell what I would do with it.  First, put on a rosewood fretboard.  Then, I would get rid of this kahler shit and put a Floyd Rose trem on there.  Ah hell, I have not used a whammy bar in 20 years (I refuse to)… so I should just man up and buy a hard tail.

4.       Really, what is the deal with Glenn Beck?

I wonder about that.  I used to listen to him years ago on the radio.  He was great, and really funny.  Never partisan, just funny observational stuff.  Then, climate change became a hot topic and he became a big denier.  That is when I lost respect for him.  Hell, even Bush and Cheney have acknowledged climate change.  Then, CNN gave Beck a tv stop and he just turned into an over emotive right wing nut job.  Total shame.  Dude used to be great on daytime radio.  I listened almost every day at lunch and never even knew he was a Repub.  He was just funny and good.

5.       So, just how many guitars do you have?

hmmn, lots.  Maybe ten.  Let’s count.  I have three electrics, two bass guitars, three regular acoustics and a 12 string acoustic on top of that.  Also have a ukulele and two guitar hero guitars.  I think that is all of them.  Oh wait, there is also the BC Rich ST3 with the broken neck.  I didn’t set out to collect them, but I can’t stop now.  So, send in your guitars now, America.  I will take care of them.  Here is a pic of most of them, maybe all.



Goodbye Les Paul

This is how big a bad ass Les Paul is/was.  This also explains how he is single handedly the most important person in the history of guitar.

In 1948, after being involved in a severe car accident, he asked the doctor to set his arm permanently in a guitar-playing position.

That guitar he is holding, he invented it.  Yeah, the Les Paul.  You have heard of the guitar, now meet the man.  He was 94, and still played blues guitar live every week in his bar in Manhattan.  Les is the most important person, and most influential person, in the history of rock and roll.

We are all less as a people without him here.

Thanks, Les.