to that old guy the Scooby Doo kids caught


You knew about that gold in the old amusement park.  Smart!  You bought the amusement park, so as to get that buried gold.  Huzzah!  You pieced together a way to scare away any remaining guests.  It appears all the gold will be yours.  You will be rich beyond your wildest dreams.  It has all paid off.

Then, you got taken out by these guys.  Really?  I mean…  really?

I mean, really?  These five are keeping you from all your wildest dreams?  Let’s asses.  The dumpy one in the orange sweater.  No threat, kill her.  Even if you miss, she can’t identify you.  She lost her glasses in the mine.  The tall guy?  He isn’t just a coward, he is high as a kite.  Kill him.  The dog?  No problem, dogs can’t talk.  Let him go.  Ok, the next guy is a valid threat.  He is huge.  Wait, wait… is that an ascott?  Is he really wearing an ascott?  Ok, just kill him.   The tall gal?  Kill her.

I mean, how did you get your ass kicked by these… puftas?  I mean, heck, I will kill them for you.  Gimme ten grand and I off them all (except the dog).