Did I tell you this, yet?

I have been thinking about this for some time, and wanted to get it down on paper.  I know what we can do to make America way better.  I mean, WAY.

We (America) need to be a manufacturing economy.  We need to stop buying all our shit from Asia.  Take every single ship headed from Asia to stock your wal marts and your best buys and turn them around.  Send them home.  Want a TV?  Need a car?  Build one, cracker!  No one in this country has a trade anymore, and unions scared off the whole economical principle of American labor.

Here are some charts that are quite frankly way over my head.

Sure, it will be a tough for a few years.  Remember, we don’t make stuff well at all.  That’s not our bag.  In time, though, the free market will win and good stuff will rise to the top.  It seems that China and Saudi Arabia own our asses, and that needs to end.  No more importing oil, either.  If gas costs $9 a gallon, maybe you will think about that big ass Toyota Tundra.

Close the borders, crackers.  Close ’em up.  No one, and nothing, in or out.  You won’t have to worry about being outsourced if you have a trade.  Go ahead and write that down.  Here is something else you can do, on a simple scale.  Eat at local restuarants, not national chains.  Try it.  See if you can even do it for a single weekend.

Listen, it’s just an idea.  You got a better one?  Racist!

* oh, and that picture at the top?  That is a whole ‘nother set of discussions you aren’t even ready for, yet.  When you are, click here.

** Update ** Told you so.


Why do Democrats hate success?

I was at a friend’s house last night having beers and he asked me that. Sadly, it seems I have more conservative friends in their early 30’s then proper Democrat ones. There is this myth perpetuated that Democrats hate success. Also, Democrats love big government, lastly… Democrats are soft on terror. There are all things which are wrong.

We love people and companies to be successful, that is how we all get jobs. My point is that you don’t get to kill anyone to get rich… nor can you kill anyone now that you are rich. fair?  Rich is great!  If you are stupid rich it means you can:

  • hire more people
  • pay more taxes for infrastructure
  • live life mostly on your own terms
  • have your enemies killed

Big Government? Bill Clinton had the smallest gov’t since JFK. I don’t even have to tell you about the debt GW Bush has racked up, for I can not count that high.  Give you a hint, it begins with GWB raising the debt ceiling 11 times.  That was 11 fucking times our president said to the world “I know we are broke.  I know we owe you all a LOT of money.  I know you can see we don’t even have a plan to ever pay it back.  Yet, we need more money, again”.  These are the assholes talking about smaller government.

Democrats are soft on terror? Really? Only one time we were attacked on our own soil and that was when GWB was President. Spain and London were also attacked during this time by the same group. The last thing I feel with GWB in power is safer.

See, GWB never caught bin Laden.  By his own admission, he wasn’t even trying.  These are GBW’s words VER-fucking-BATIM about Bin Laden

again, I don’t know where he [Osama Bin Laden] is. I — I’ll repeat what I said. I truly am not that concerned about him

read that again.  This was in 2002.  This is what our president said about Bin Laden.  Down the road, bin Laden is caught… by the Democrats.  So, next time any one of you smug assholes tells me that Dems are soft on terror, just remember who

  • had the attack happen on his watch
  • couldn’t catch the guy (then)
  • openly admitted to not even trying anymore

as far as Dems hating success, why is the Dow always higher under Democrat presidents?  The deal is this:  we don’t hate success.  We do believe, though, that you have to be accountable.  In order to get rich, you don’t get to kill or exploit people.  There is no ‘the ends justify the means’.