What Courtney Love should have said

Jesus, this woman needs a publicist.

I had this idea.  Initially, it was just for this post.  Then, I realized I could get a book or blog or channel off this.  It is called ‘what Courtney Love should have said.  This is about Courtney slamming Grohl and Noveselic playing with Paul McCartney last week.  Unlike everyone else on Earth, Courtney is all butt hurt that they were playing together.  Why?  Because it is for charity, I think.  Which means no money for her.  Or maybe because they didn’t ask her permission.

Before I get to what she did say, which just makes me all dumb and angry, let’s start with what she SHOULD have said upon learning Sir Paul was jamming with the boys.

“Wow, I am honored, excited, and humbled!  I just learned today that Sir Paul McCartney is going to play with the guys from Nirvana.  My God, what an honor.  The Beatles fronting Nirvana?  Holy shit, that is Nirvana.  I’d like to say ‘I’m not worthy’, but I am pretty sure royalties go to Mike Meyers each time someone says it.”  What’s better?  They are getting to together for charity.  Today is the best day I have had in a long time, and I appreciate everyone who has stayed with the band over the years and kept us all relevant.  God Bless!  Courtney”

Of course, this isn’t what she said.  Oh no.  Not even a little.  First, she said she was “not amused“.  What does that even mean?  Then, she slammed Noveselic’s bass playing

Paul better get earmuffs for the bass playing is all, it’s not exactly known for its brilliance

Well, that is just dumb and mean spirited.  Also, it kind of has NOTHING to do with anything.  If you want to be clever, that wasn’t it.  Since we are talking about the Beatles… here is what being clever looks like.  When asked if Ringo was the best drummer in the world, Lennon replied “he isn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles.”  Now that is how you be funny and cutting.  Well, obviously not you.

Then, the closer is this.  After the performance, she drops this gem on top of the motherfucking Beatle who graced her ex husbands’ band.

Uh it was bad

Wow.  Stay classy, Courtney!

* update – they didn’t even play a Nirvana song.  So, Courtney made an ass out of herself for no reason… AND didn’t score any royalties, either.  Also, regarding the quote above… Courtney is a zillionaire, can’t she afford a comma?