Friday Fives – podcast edition

Do you listen to podcasts? If not, why not.

Oh man, this is great.  I did not pick these question, but this is my wheelhouse.  I am crazy for Podcasts.  Yes, I listen to podcasts daily.  Many.  I think we will attack that more below.

What are your favorite podcasts?

Adam Carolla, Car Talk, This American Life, Fitzdog Radio, WTF, Stuff you Should Know, Mohr Stories.  I listen to all of these every week.  Generally speaking, which ones I listen to depend on the guests.  Except This American Life.  They don’t have guests, and I NEVER miss that show.  It is the best hour of radio and storytelling imaginable.  And, these are all free.  And uncensored.

Any podcasts to ignore?

Sure, probably thousands.  At this point, Podcasts are like magazines.  You can find one for any interest.  Anyone on earth with a computer and an internet connection can have their own podcast.  Do you like knitting blankets for only calico cats using Peruvian wool, but a Persian weave?  Yeah, I bet there is a podcast for that.  Don’t ask me how I know… just trust me.

For the most part, all the podcasts mentioned above are entertainment.  If you are looking for thinky, cerebral stuff, try ‘RadioLab‘.  These guys are great, it’s just a little too dry for my tastes.  Another great one?  Ted talks.   Do you know about Ted talks?  Well, click here and learn.  They too have an awesome and free podcasts of these talks.

Will the podcast world take over radio?

For me, it absolutely has.  I gave up on rock radio about ten years ago.  I just couldn’t listen to the same shit over and over again.  So, I listened to my cd’s or books on tape.   Once podcasts came around, I was hooked.  I have a 35 minute drive each way to work.  This is valuable time.  Too valuable to spend listening to music, even though I have a seriously bad ass stereo system.

Two years ago, I busted my radio antenna and still haven’t fixed it.  You get content completely uncensored by any corporations.  Would you like a podcast about a guy who says “fuck my dog” over and over again for an hour every week?  That probably exists, and it’s legal.

Who/What subject would make a good podcast?

Interesting people talking freely.  It is that simple, and that is what is most compelling to me.  Would you like to have Adam Carolla and Seth McFarland chatting in your living room?  Telling jokes and downing booze?  Discussing just whatever comes to mind?  That is a podcast.  It makes my drive super enjoyable.  I don’t know why I love good conversation so much, but I really do value it.  It isn’t just that it is uncensored… it is the length of time.  You can’t get to know someone from 3 minutes on Conan.  Listening to them for an hour, though, gives you a much better feel for these people.

If you told 16 year old me “Hey, when you are 40, you will have a big ass truck with an amazing stereo system.  You will have access to every piece of music you own in that truck.  You will also drive a few hundred miles a week.  Also, you will only use this amazing stereo to listen to talk radio.” – well I would be an upset 16 year old.

Should I listen to a podcast?  What’s so great?

The beauty of podcasts is not just the entertainment, which is considerable, it is that I learn at the same time.  Not too mention, they are free and easy.  Here is how easy.  If you are Apple, use iTunes, if you are Android use any free app.  The podcasts are delivered to your phone automatically, and updated automatically.  You don’t have to do anything.  You can also see who the guest is on each show.  For Carolla, This American Life, and Car Talk, I listen regardless.  For Jay Mohr (Mohr Stories), Greg Fitzsimmons (Fitzdog radio) and Mark Maron (WTF) I only listen if I am interested in the guest.

There are other notable ones, too.  Just about every NPR show is available via podcast.  Sound boring?  Then you are dumb.  How about Teri Gross chatting with Tom Waits for an hour.  Anything better than that?  No sir.

NPR (national public radio) calls these ‘driveway moments’.  It means you are listening to a piece on your drive home.  You get home, but the story isn’t over.  It is so compelling you sit in your driveway to finish the story.  It is a very real phenomenon for aging rockers like myself who listen to talk radio on their $1200 radio.

Well, the podcast is even better… because you can simply pause the story until you are back in the car.  You don’t even need the internet to listen to the podcasts.  You need it to get them, but you can download them at home and have them queued up to listen to on your next drive, even if you won’t be in cell phone coverage.

The content ranges dramatically.  For example, Carolla’s show (the most downloaded podcast officially per Guinness book) is very formatted.  He has intros, guests, bits, a news segment… it is just like a one hour talk show, but with no commercials and no editors and no standards and practices legal team telling you not to do rape jokes.

Where do I begin?

Car Talk is just what it sounds like.  It is a radio call in show where two brilliant and hilarious old Italian guys diagnose car problems over the phone.  They have been on the air on NPR for 20 years, but recently the technology made it also available to podcasts.  I can’t say enough good things about Car Talk.  You learn a ton about cars, and it is incredibly entertaining.

For a starter kit, do this.  Find this episode of “This American Life”.  This specific favorite of mine is called ‘the greatest answering machine message of all time’.  That is a hell of a teaser, isn’t it?  Well, it pays off.  This was a legendary voice mail that circulated around a college campus for years.  This was back when they were on those micro-cassettes.  So, the staff hears the story.  They track down the message for us, and play it.  It really is that great.  Then, because they are all journalists at This American Life, they track down all the principal figures in the story.  Who left the message, who it was left for, and the story about it.

It makes the best 20 minutes of radio you can imagine. Though the link shows the program is an hour, you only need to listen to the first 20 minutes. Here is a link.

Sorry, that got too long and rambly.  As you can see, though, I am very passionate about podcasts.  So, when I got these questions from my editor this afternoon, I got all bubbly.

* in closing, Podcasts are being threatened.  There is a group of patent trolls who are extorting all the big podcasters and demanding a cut.  A group of businessmen bought some obsolete patent about sequencing radio programs, or something like that.  They wrote Adam Carolla a letter demanding 3 million bucks.  Carolla, quite wonderfully, told them to suck it.  Now he is raising funds for all his legal defense.  This is literally to protect the future of all podcasts.  You can help here.

** I don’t point out I have a $1200 stereo to tell you I am better than you and have nicer stuff (even though I am, and I do :)) – I point it out because since all I do is listen to variations on talk radio, any $40 stereo from Wal Mart would do the trick.  My subwoofer gets no work out these days, it’s quite sad.


Friday Fives

Music to My Ears

1. How often do you listen to music?

constantly.  Virtually every waking minute.  Well, lemme clarify.  When driving, I am usually listening to Podcasts (Adam Carolla, Car Talk, or This American Life). I used to tether my iPod everywhere.  I have speakers set up at work, home, etc.  I even keep portable speakers in my truck for camping or whatever.  Now, I just stream Pandora through the same channels, but use my cell phone instead to deliver it.  Also, there is the whole roku thing I do through the home stereo, which now streams Pandora as well.  if you have a PS3 or a new Blu Ray player, it probably also does all of this as well.

2. Do you ever listen to the radio? What is your favorite station?

not much.   Can’t stand the radio because of what Clear Channel did to it.  My favorite station is NPR, especially since they made the big move to FM Stereo in the Denver market.  90.1, KCFR

3. How do you find new songs, albums, or artists to listen to?

well, my band.  I am not super open to new bands.  I have always been this way, even though I am a new fanatic.  Being in a band, I am constantly being forced to check out new stuff, as the others want to put the influences into the set.  This is great, and has taught me to appreciate more than my little circle of Dylan, Dead, Metallica, Pearl Jam, and Pumpkins.   Yes, there are other bands, apparently.

4. When was the last time you bought a CD? A digital music file?

I bought a few of the Beatles re-releases.  I wanted the actual Cds because they each came with little documentaries.  Also, the Beatles aren’t on iTunes yet.  I don’t trust iTunes or the whole back up arrangement.  So, if it is a CD I want to have for years, I buy the physical thing.  The last audio disc I downloaded was Brandi Carlile.  That perfectly examples how iTunes totally dicked me.  Only half the songs of her new disc (giving of the ghost, I think it’s called) showed up.  I am sure it is a great disc, but I won’t know unless I shell out another $12.  So, lesson learned.  Buy the actual disc.

5. Do you think any of the technologies and distribution methods mentioned above will still be around in ten years? Why or why not?

yes, and it is my long held vision of the media server.  You know how all your albums are on your iPod?  Well, that is a start.  In the future, you will have a media server, likely your cell phone.  It will contain all your Cds, DVDs, photos, etc.  Cell phones are also becoming projectors.  True story, your next big screen TV (in five years time) will be your cell phone.  You ask “how can my cell phone store all my Cds and DVDs and pictures”?  It won’t.  That will be stored offsite, like a gmail server, and you will stream it wherever you go (like Pandora).

so, I think most distribution channels will be digital and virtual in the future.

Friday Fives

1. Do you still listen to the radio?

sadly, not any more.  Clear Channel, KBCO, and Jack Johnson (in that order, somehow) pretty much killed that for me.  I miss Bret Saunders, though.  I admit that.  Not enough to listen to new Peter Gabriel and Jason Mraz every second song.

2. Do you have a streaming music outlet that you suggest?

streaming?  Nope.  Not down with it.  Everything I need is on my iPod.

3. Do you listen to any podcasts?

I listen almost exclusively to Podcasts.  NPR, usually.  Car Talk, This American Life, Stuff you should Know, Fresh Air, and Adam Corrolla.

4. Have you ever downloaded a video podcast?

yes, I have a bunch of Kenny Mayne stuff Kenny Mayne is an ESPN talent who is hilarious.  Check out his stuff.  This vignettes are called ‘Mayne Street‘.  If you wantch NFL Sunday Countdown on ESPN Sunday mornings, he also does a bit on there called ‘the Mayne Event’.

5. Do read (listen to) any audio books?

not really.  Last Christmas, we had a drive down to Phoenix.  15 hours each way.   I bought a great David Sedaris book (Santaland Diaries).  It was nice for a crazy long drive.  Books on tape are awesome for really long drives.  I wouldn’t do it for just driving back and forth to work.  Too many interruptions.