Friday Fives – Closet? You’ll LOVE it!

We have spent the last two weeks trying to discuss big issues of the day as part of black history month. Well, March is here, time to be a bit less serious.

What is the next big thing – the changer?

The future of everything is inductive charging. It exists now, but not nearly in the sense it will be soon. I think this entire decade will be remembered for only that. Inductive charging is electricity moving through the air by proximity. This 5 years ago the Palm Pre was doing this with their charging stone. Why this didn’t take over and become the default for all phones puzzles me. This is BIG. Like… inventing the internet big. Like… inventing electricity big. Did you see that picture above I linked to? See… that phone isn’t plugged in. It is just laying on the charger.

You know how there are plug in electric cars? Well, the near future is simply a mat you plug in… and drive the car over. No plugs or wires into the car. Look at this, and this. Why is this a big deal? Well… right now they can only move electricity a couple feet. However… they are getting further every day. The short term is that you have a mat on your counter that you plug in. When you get home, you set your phone and tablet and laptop on said pad… and they are now charging. This technology exists now, but for some reason it is barely being used.

One day soon, you will walk into your house and your phone is now charging. Same with your laptop. What else can we do with inductive charging? How about a TV with no cables or plugs.

What is big now that must, must, must just go away?

The ‘keep calm and ____ on’. It started long ago as a British military philosophy. Keep Calm and Carry On. A few years ago, it was co-opted by an urban hipster site ‘the Chive’. Near as I can tell, it is a site solely dedicated to girls in tight shirts and no bras on. This is pretty great, I admit. Problem is, everyone is using this stupid phrase. Example – in Walgreens today they were selling shirts that said ‘Keep Calm and Colorado on’.  I strongly dislike this.  It is overused, and doesn’t make a ton of sense.

What will probably go away but we will probably miss a lot upon its demise?

Lady Gaga.  Not that isn’t talented.  She is mad talented.  She writes all this stuff herself.  She is over exposed, though (NSFW).  She needs to go underground soon before we get to sick of her.  It worked for Eddie Vedder and Alanis Morrissette.  Same thing with Bieber, really.

 What was a prominent thing in your childhood that you rarely see or hear about anymore?

There are a few house innovations that were HUGE in the 80s… and disappeared since then. I want them back. Trash Compactors, and dust busters. They were all the rage, and every self respecting white person owned both.

You’ve just won an insane amount of money but you can only spend it on things that start with the same letter as the first letter in your name. What does your life look like?

uh… kale? Kumquats? Oh man, this is the worst lottery win ever.

Friday Fives – inventions and cars


1. What’s in the trunk of your car?

First off, I not 100% in love with your tone.  I will continue, though, to prove how aggreeable I am.  Well, I have a truck.  So, I don’t have a trunk.  But, I do have a toolbox, which is where I keep trunk like things.  What’s in there?   Ooh, a lot.  I live in a very rural area, and also volunteer for Red Cross disaster services.  This means my truck is something you might see off of doomsday preppers.  Short list of supplies in the toolbox – red cross emergency first aid manual, army survival guide, bag of tools, several wool army blankets, road flares, folding shovel, slim jim, jumper cables, bag o’ rope, jar of bunjees, tow ropes, boat tie downs, tarps, multiple towing hitches, wiffle ball and bat, horse shoe set, battery jumper box, walkie talkies, solar radio and charger.  You get the idea.  Wanna go camping?  I am the guy to have a long.

want it, the stuff?  Don’t bother.  The toolbox is locked, and I am armed.

2. What is your favorite car?

favorite car is a truck.  I have had 5 or 6 different pick up trucks in the last 15 years.  They are indispensable.  Incredibly useful.  it is like a leatherman you can drive.  WOW – great analogy, self.  Right now, I think the Dodge Ram is the best looking truck.  I mean… just look at it.  That is truck porn, buster!  So, why don’t I have one?  Because it is a Dodge.  I fear anything made by American union workers.  Also, it doesn’t tow all that much.  While it tows considerably more than the Ford F150, it tops out around 7,000 pounds.  My Tundra tows 10,000 pounds.  What do I need all that for?  Horses, mostly. What’s worse is that Ford’s trucks are built in Mexico.  My Tundra was built in Indiana.  Does that make me some kind of patriot?  yeah, I think so.

3. What are some inventions that should exist, but don’t?

intentionally left blank.  I didn’t have a decent answer.  This is more proof that I don’t choose the questions.  i just answer ’em.  mostly, I get my question from my good buddy Roy.  He is the one who started me on blogging ten years ago.  Stop by his site and give him some love.

I mean, I invent stuff all the time.  That is why the site is called what it is.  Like this, and this.

4. Are there any old inventions from the past that have fallen to the wayside and need to come back?

inductive charging.  This needs to be EVERYWHERE… and it will be in a few years.  Inductive charging is when you can charge something without plugging it in.  The Palm Pre had this.  You laid your phone down on the charger (which was plugged in) and it charged your phone.  What are the implications of this, you ask?  Omg, you are so dumb sometimes.  This is the biggest break in electronics in the last 30 years.  If you could buy stock in this technology, I would sell my house and invest tomorrow.  Imagine a mat.  You have a mat just like a table cloth, but it matches your counter.  You plug that mat in.  Then, you rest your cell phone and laptop and mp3 player and tablet on there.  Just walk in from work and set the things on there.  The next morning, everything is charged.

They are also working on this technology with electric cars.  There is a mat you plug in to the wall in your garage.  Now, you drive your electric car over that mat when you get home.  In the morning, your car is all charged up.  Am I making sense here?  This is REALLY important stuff.  You need to be able to talk about this with people.

So, here is why I bring this up.  The technology exists now.  It existing 5 years ago with the Palm Pre.  So… why isn’t it EVERYWHERE?  Well, I imagine it will be soon.  And when it is, you can bet I will direct you back here with a big ole’s “I told you so” post that I am so fond of.

5. What’s the most honorable bad ass thing your dad did?

He was a marine in active duty on an aircraft carrier during the cuban missile crisis.  pretty fucking bad ass, eh?

Friday Fives

iTunes Five

1. What song do you play the most?

‘All in All’ by Toad the Wet Sprocket.  It’s on ‘in Light Syrup’, and it will change your life.  Funny, it only made the outtake album after they broke up.  It is triumphant. Btw, in case you are a fan or casual listener… they are somewhat back together, and still gig as Toad.  I can’t say enough good things about this band.  They are under-rated, and under the radar.  Some of the best music of the ’90s.

2. What song do you play the least?

Anything by Kiss.  Oh my god do I hate Kiss.  Last year, Brian,  Ginther, and I all swapped hard drives to trade music.  Result?  I have, like, 6 Kiss albums.  I am pissed, and everyone is a suspect.  Even though my iPod is only 1/3rd full, I removed all the Kiss immediately.  Ok, I did keep Beth.  That song is dope, but don’t tell anyone I like it.  It’s like digging ‘Glee’.  Just keep that a secret, broseph!

Listening to Kiss is like taking a Bon Jovi album, and removing what little musicality there is.  Then, make sure it is poorly engineered.  After that, replace every single lyric with an overt reference to sex, as written by a 9 yeawr old.  Then, you have Kiss.  I’d rather listen to dance music, and that just hurt to type.

3. What’s the last song you added?

A lecture from Scott Berkun.  I am reading a really cool book from him right now.  Details over here.  But, that isn’t a song, is it?  So, the real question is what is the last music I bought.  Probably Brandi Carlile’s new disc.  Her album ‘the Story’ is amazing.  Five Stars.

4. What’s your favorite playlist?

* caution > monster tangent alert

I put together an annual Christmas Rock list, but I am really using Pandora for everything now.  I just discovered Pandora two days ago, and it is a game changer. I am not even using my iPod anymore.  I had heard about Pandora for years.  I knew it took your music and gave you similar music you would like.  Well, that idea kinda offended me.  See, I don’t need ANYONE telling me what I would like.  Plus, I have everything… so what can Pandora do for me?   didn’t need Pandora.  I thought it was beneath me as a master musicologist.  I was wrong.

Pandora just got loaded onto my Roku box (through Netflix) so I loaded it.  It asked me what I wanted and I said ‘Jerry Garcia’.  So, now is plays Jerry Garcia bootlegs, bluegrass band music, Grateful Dead (live and studio), Bobby Weir solo, the Allman Brothers, Van Morrison, early Dylan, the Band.  What can I say?  Oh, and it played the Beatles.  How the hell did they get the rights to the Beatles?  Seriously, that shit is better protected than Fort Knox.  I bought three of those Beatles re-master releases this fall, and I don’t think I am technically allowed to listen to them.   Apple records is kind of evil.  ‘All You Need is Love”?  My ass, these guys are more litigious than Scientology. Anyhow… it was 100% correct, and I didn’t have a LOT of this stuff.  It was right, I was wrong.  Go ahead and mark the day and date on that sentence.  You don’t get to see it often.

So, I loaded a Pearl Jam list (those are my two favorite bands, see).  It is possibly even better.  Even though I have everything studio album PJ has, Pandora plays their live cuts.  Remember, for the last ten years, Pearl Jam has released every single concert they have played.  So, there are thousands of soundboard bootlegs out there I could never collect.   Also, it picked similar bands I would like:  Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, and solo Eddie Vedder stuff.   Yeah, they are dead on with those.

Now, what is cool is that my new cell phone (the Palm Pre) also has Pandora on it.  So, at work and in my truck, I used to plug my iPod to listen to music.  No longer.  I plug my cell phone into my computer and truck speakers.  I stream the Pandora wherever I go.  When I get home, I throw Pandora on the home stereo system through the Roku.  This is the really good quality, because it beams it through the whole home theatre system.  Pandora does all this for free, too.  I was so smitten, though, that I bought the upgrade.

I also made some other stations:  Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, Metallica, and Bob Dylan.  However, the Jerry and Pearl Jam channels are so good… I haven’t been able to stray.  I listened to the Jerry Garcia channel for 9 hours at my desk yesterday, and did the same with Pearl Jam today.  On the PJ channel, they are even throwing down ‘Temple of the Dog’.  That is some deep catalogue dopeness.  Temple of the Dog is Pearl Jam playing with Soundgarden before either band formally existed.  It is disgusting good, find ‘Hunger Strike’.

5. What kind of iPod (or MP3 player) do you have?

My iPod is pretty new, but is a ‘classic’ design.  It is a 120 gig repository of yumminess.  To be fair, though, I really use my Palm Pre for almost everything.  I loaded about 12 really good albums on the memory card, and I have Pandora for everything else.

* seriously, I do NOT watch Glee.  Anyone who says otherwise gets punched straight in the babymaker.  Got it, buster?  Don’t even joke about that.