um… was that just a dildo commercial?


I am pretty sure it was.  Of course, I have NEVER seen a commercial for dildos or vibrators.  Even when I am up at 3 am and they are showing those party line commercials to talk to hot available singles in your area.  Sometimes, they do commercials late at night for adult videos stores.  Even then, they try and be discreet.  Also, they don’t advertise dildos.  I think its implied they have dildos and vibrators.

This, though, was a vibrator/dildo commercial. I know because it was on the DVR, so I re-winded.  Yup.  There it is.  So, here is the other crazy thing.  When was it I saw this commercial?  3 am on HBO?  No.  It was on TBS during a Will Ferrell movie at 6:30 pm on a school night!  Here is the product in question.  I know for sure because they put this URL up at the end of the commercial.  The dildo commercial. I am not offended at all.  Mostly, I am puzzled.

Quick, someone alert Brent Bozell.  He is the guy who makes sure, for all of America, that your kids only see murder and dead bodies on TV… instead of cleavage or butts.