Friday Fives – in concert edition

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, or over-think this.  Just whatever pops in to mind.

20141017_095812Best concert

Gosh, I have been to so many concerts. Hundreds. See those ticket stubs in there?  That is just the last ten years, after I had effectively stopped going to concerts.  Best Concert? In the spirit of not over-thinking it (per our instructions), it just may have been Pearl Jam last night in Denver. I have seen the band a lot. Over ten times, I would say. Last night’s show was unique and amazing. And long. Almost four hours. I wrote that up this morning, though, if you are interested.

Worst concert

I can’t think of any overtly bad shows. Ok, there were some that were a little disappointing. I saw Smashing Pumpkins three different times on the Siamese Dream tour. Each and every one of those shows was stopped early because Billy lost his shit at something stupid. However, the band was absolutely at the height of their powers then. So, even a shortened Pumpkins set was still more beautiful and powerful and intense than every other rock band playing a full set.  At that time, in that era, on that tour, Smashing Pumpkins*** were the greatest rock band in America.  This was a band at the height of their powers > like Guns and Roses ‘Appetite for Destruction’ era.  Zeppelin in ’77, the Destroyer bootleg era Chili Peppers*** on the ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magic’ tour.  Beastie Boys*** on ‘Ill Communication’.  Nirvana*** on Nevermind tour.  Pearl Jam*** on the Ten Tour.  Police*** on ‘Synchronicity’.  Prince in the ‘Purple Rain’ era.

Billy Corgan:  he will cut you

These are bands that were in top form, taking over the Earth.  It never lasts long, but if you can catch a band in this moment, you should.

There was another show I was disappointed at, but not the band’s fault at all. Back at Lolla 2 (1992) Pearl Jam had been added to the bill last minute. They were just coming up, and getting bigger every day. Because they were a late add, they had a shitty time slot. They went on at 2 pm. PLUS, it was a school/work day. So, about half the audience wouldn’t show up until about 7 pm, after work, time to catch the headliners. PLUS – it was Phoenix in the summer. So, it was 118 degrees out… as it is in summer in Phx.

At this point in time, I was already a rabid Pearl Jam fan. This was my third time seeing them, and they were still just out whoring for their very first album. I saw them three times in Phoenix in one year.  Can you imagine how many shows they must have played that year?  Editors note:  I counted them up.  They played 71 shows in one year. So, there was virtually no one there to see them. It was early and it was hot as hell. There was no shade at this venue, so most folks found a shaded beer garden and holed up there for a few hours. Sadly, those folks missed an amazing show. Pearl Jam ALWAYS puts on a killer and passionate show.

Most overrated live band

Poison. Actually, I don’t know how they are ‘rated’ live. But, I do enjoy their music. I don’t actually have any albums, but I know the music. Many, many years ago I had the cassette ‘Look what the cat dragged in’.  Look at this cover.  They were seriously hot, beautiful women. Their show was flat. It felt like they were just going through the motions. I fully get how that happens. After 4 or 500 hundred live shows, I imagine it gets tedious. The good bands, though, never let it show.

Oh, and Pink Floyd. That is correct, I have not only seen Pink Floyd, but they sucked. Even kookier – I can tell you that every other person there will tell you it was the greatest show in history. Why the discrepancy? Because most people are stooges. Couple that with the fact that I seriously am an expert in live concerts. I have actually seen more national touring acts than all of your friends put together.

At this point (early 90’s, Division Bell tour) the band was basically the David Gilmour show. That isn’t a necessarily a bad thing. The band played only expected songs. The setlist was boring and predictable. On top of that, the versions played were too good. There was no character or intimate moments. It literally sounded like the band put on a greatest hits CD and stood there. I understand that saying Pink Floyd is wildly over-rated sounds like a hipster douche. However, they are wildly overrated. I very much enjoy their music. However, about 60% of it lost its appeal after I stopped doing drugs. In an unrelated side note, here is my favorite Pink Floyd song, performed awesomely by David Gilmour. This is a beautiful and unique performance of a very deep cut… the kind of moments I live for… and the kind of moments that were not present that evening in Tempe.  I could tell you the name, but it’s so absurd you wouldn’t believe me.  Put some headphones on and dig it!

If you ever get me cornered, ask me to tell you about the drive home. In a blizzard. On drugs. In a strange car.   With a busted window. With 3 guys tripping balls. Oh, I guess I just told you the story. Well, never mind.

I love to play this song camping. It’s tough for the others. I tell them I am going to play some Floyd. Then, I play that song, an Fearless. People get quite disappointed. Sorry, but Wish you were Here gets boring after playing it for 30 years.

Most underrated live band

Again, I am going to mention a couple here. The first is Barenaked Ladies. I haven’t seen them since Steven Page left, so I can’t vouch for their shows now. However, this band is the most fun band live… consistently. I went in to the first show (tour supporting Rock Spectacle, and excellent live collection) just being a casual fan. Maybe even the tickets were free. I can’t remember laughing so hard or feeling so engaged as I did that night. Once that happened, I went to see them every chance I got. In Winterpark the show became rather famous among hardcore fans as the ‘pipe guy’ show.

It’s a great story, but one you need to hear in person. I have met hardcore BNL fans, who have never been to Colorado. I tell them “I was at the ‘pipe guy’ show and they gush every time. Ever been to a rock show at a ski resort? It is super cool. They set up a stage at the bottom of the hill/run. Then, the people just fill up the hill. Everyone has a great site line, because you are halfway up a mountain. On top of that, you are in the woods. It is just magical.

Oh, the other is James Taylor.  As you can guess, I have seen him a ton, too.  Over ten times.  Now, you imagine a James Taylor show is relaxed white people listening to very pretty songs.  It is.  But, it is SO much more.  First off, his voice is still crystal clear.  It sounds as good or better than it did in 1972, when Fire and Rain first came out.  Next, he is a super good guitar player.  Then, my favorite part; he is incredibly funny.  He is as engaging and fun as BNL.  There is no concert I laugh at more than a James Taylor show.  He gets is self image.  He is keenly aware that is a punchline of all that is white and boring in music.  He plays off that. Here is my favorite song of his, Copperline.

Best concert album

Simon and Garfunkel – Live in Central Park. There is no further discussion. There is top five list. Just that concert, far and away above the others.  I defy you to watch this and not cry.


*** I was at these shows

Friday Fives

1. What sitcom perfectly depicts your life?

Two Broke Girls.  Not sure if you are familiar with it.  however, once I describe it you will be FREAKED by the similarities.  Two hot girls who are in their late 20’s waitress in a divey greasy spoon restaurant outside of NYC.  Their upstairs neighbor is a feisty polish cougar, and their ambition is to get out of all this and open a cupcake shop.

The parallels almost terrify me.  I have considered legal action, but it is kinda fun watching my real life play out on the screen.  It is like watching my own auto-biography.

2. What TV moment really made you smile?

Chris Cornell covering Pearl Jam’s ‘footsteps‘ the other night on Jimmy Fallon.  It’s kind of a surreal full circle moment.  Chris and Eddie sang that song together on the Temple of the Dog album, but with different lyrics.  So, there are 2 songs which are musically identical.  One is Pearl Jam’s ‘footsteps’, and the other is Temple of the Dog’s ‘Times of Trouble’.  Eddie Vedder sings on both.  Make sense?

3. You are stuck in the world of your favorite movie/tv show, what do you do

duck dynasty?  I would go fishing.  They own all that land.  Think of fishing on your own land;  You could cheat SO hard.  You could have fishing competitions with buddies.  You can get all liquored up on the boat and drive back to the house, because you are on private property the whole time.  Dynamite fishing?  You bet your ass!  Literally shooting fish in a barrel?  Positively!

4. In the movie Die Hard, Hans dies while falling backward while Beethoven’s Ode to Joy plays loudly in the background.

How does your death scene montage play out?

something like this.

5. Baseball’s World Series is on, no one seems to care. What other former major event still keeps going, to your amazement?

I have zero interest in all sports except NFL football.  I don’t even watch college football.  For example, I don’t even know if Basketball is being played right now.

Another one tries to climb the fence

Nearly 20 years ago, Pearl Jam took on ticket prices.  They wanted to keep tickets to their shows at the $10 price point.  Not before fees, but for it to cost $10 total out the door*.  This was impossible because of service fees from ticket brokers.  Specifically, their battle was with Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster would not negotiate the fees, so the band sought an alternative.  They found out that there was none.  So, they took their fight against the Ticketmaster monopoly to Congress.  Many bands supported Pearl Jam’s battle, and vowed to be there to support them.  Then, no one showed.  Are you going to testify against John Gotti?  Not if you want to live.

Since then, no one has tried to ‘climb the fence’ to get ticket prices down.  They all talk about it, but no one makes that walk to the fence.

Allow me to explain the expression ‘climb the fence’.  There is a parable about a group of apes in captivity.  There was a fence, and the top was electrified so they could not escape.  They did not know about the electricity initially.  One day, an ape decided he wanted out.  So, he climbed the fence and was electrocuted to death when he reached the top.  After that day, anytime anyone came near that fence, the other apes would attack them… so protect them.

This went on for years, until all of the original apes had been replaced by a newer generation.  From learning from the elders, the new apes learned quickly to never go near the fence.  In time, everyone knew to never go near the fence, even though they had no idea why.  The electrocution had happened generations earlier.  Basically, you didn’t need to know why the fence was so bad, you just knew to never go near it.

Well, Pearl Jam climbed that fence and got electrocuted.  The Justice Department chucked their lawsuit out, and that was a tragedy.  Since then, no one has gone near the fence.

20 years later, Kid Rock is climbing that fence.  Even better, he has a chance of making it out. Kid Rock is on tour this summer, and only charging $20 for tickets.  All seats, $20 out the door.  On top of that, he is capping beer prices at all venues at $4.  How does he do it?  Well, first off, he is willing to lose money for the principle of it.  I’ll let Kid Rock explain it, because he does it so well.

 “Athletes and musicians make astronomical amounts of money,” he tells Rolling Stone. “People get paid $100 million to throw a baseball! Shouldn’t we all take less and pass some of that money onto others? Think about firefighters, teachers and policemen. We should celebrate people that are intellectually smart and trying to make this world a better place.”

We’re all so overpaid. It’s ridiculous. People stopped going to concerts because they can’t afford them.

This is great.  God bless Kid Rock for offering to climb the fence for all of us.  I bought two tickets to his Denver show.  I may not even make it because of work. Still, it is absolutely worth $40 for me to support this business model.  I want the show to sell out and do ridiculously well, so other musicians might be empowered to one day climb the fence themselves.  See, Ticketmaster fees are now between 100 to 150% of face value on tickets.  Motley Crue and Creed lawn seats were $5 each across the country.  Those seats after fees were $25.

You may say “$25 is a deal to go see Motley Crue”.  I say “that is a 200% service fee.  What the fuck is that about?  If I am going to pay $25 to see Motley, that should go to the band.

This, of course, is not why I write.  This is also not why I use the apes climbing the fence metaphor.  Nope.  The reason I write is how people have reacted to this.  Kid Rock is charging a tenth of what other national bands charge.  He is a hero of the proletariat, right?  No.  This is what people have been saying online:

 people don’t have a job and are struggling to eat, and keep a roof over thier head. and he’s talking about concert ticket prices. a real republican isn’t he? like concert ticket pricing is going to change people lives. what a jerk!**

What the fuck, right?  What is this guy’s problem?  I can only surmise he has been beaten back from that fence so many times that he no longer questions why, like all the other apes of his generation.  So, thank you Kid Rock for trying again to climb the fence.  I am down here rooting for you, I promise.  If you go all Icarus on us, though, can I have your hat?


* last time I saw Pearl Jam, and this was ten years ago, tickets were $100 for just ok seats.  Shows you how far away the business has gotten

** that is verbatim, I left his typos and crappy in because he is an asshole.  Stay in school, kids!


Friday Fives – a true random edition of fives


1.  Name five celebrities you admire?

Zach Galifinakis, Eddie Vedder, Natalie Maines, Adam Carolla, Anthony Bourdain, and Ozzy.  Why?  I find them funny, talented, and trustworthy.  I would never expect anyone of them to say anything that wasn’t 100% to their beliefs and philosophies.

Can I be more specific?  let’s talk about Dave Mustaine from Megadeth.  Dave recently said, in Europe on tour, that the Batman theater shootings were orchestrated by President Obama to launch gun control.  What kind of fucking stupidity is that? I get that he hates the President.  He gets to, that is why America is great.  Lord knows I hated Bush with a profound depth.  But, that statement is just mean to all the people who suffered that.  Does he really believe that?  Or, was that just an excuse for him to address the fact that he doesn’t trust Democrats on gun control.  I lost SO much respect for Mustaine when I heard that.  I had precious little already, but that was about the end of it.

So, did I burn my Megadeth albums?  no.  Megadeth is awesome.  Plus, anyone who expects deep wisdom from a guy who named himself ‘Megadeth’ needs to pick up a newspaper now and again.  If I want decent and proper right wing bantering, I have Uncle Ted.  Though I disagree with him on nearly everything, he is always well informed and passionate and articulate.  Also, Uncle Ted rocks.  There is simply nothing on earth cooler than this riff.  FACT.  I don’t care if he eats puppies for lunch, he is a great rock star.  Plus, it would not surprise me if Uncle Ted did eat puppies for lunch.

 2.  Name five celebrities you don’t care for?

 Jim Carrey.  Wanna know why?  A few years ago, In Living Color was doing a big reunion.   10 years, or 20 years… something big.  Every star was there, except Jim Carrey.  That show, 100%, made Jim Carrey.  Jim Carrey owes absolutely everything to that show, and to Keenan Ivory Wayans.  He said he was doing a movie or something.  I simply do not believe that he couldn’t make it if he tried.  He is probably getting 20 million a movie.  So, he should have hired a jet to take him back for 8 hours for the re-union.  See, with that show, Jim Carrey gets a jet.  Without that show, Jim Carrey drives a Jetta.

Listen, I am not saying Jim Carrey isn’t wicked talented, or doesn’t deserve his fame.  Not at all, see below.  I am saying Keenan gave him the break that got him started.

PLUS… along with his super hot and super crazy girlfriend, Jim Carrey has convinced parents not to immunize against measles.  They very incorrectly believe, and teach, that there is a correlation between measles vaccines and the rise in autism.  They are wrong, and I know that for a fact. The rise in autism cases does not, and should not, represent a rise in autism.  The rise in autism cases is changes made between the release of DSM 3 and DSM4 which changed the categorization of childhood behavior.  Before the DSM 4, you may have been a moody kid, or a sad kid, or a funny kid, or a chatty kid.  After DSM4, those were all moved to be labeled as ‘Autism’.  Something very very similar happened with ADD/ADHD.  When I was a kid, you were just called a ‘spaz’, but they didn’t’ medicate you for that.  Hot topic for me, as I am reading about this as we speak.

On the upside, though, dude is a remarkable actor.  He also makes gutsy choices.  He did a 2 hour ode to homosexual love called “I love you Phillip Morris“.  The movie studios were so afraid to back a movie about gay love that they pulled the plug and it went straight to video.  Plus, we can all agree he killed it in ‘Man on the Moon’.  He was more Andy Kaufman than Andy Kaufman ever was.

So… what about Ted Nugent?  Is he on my list here, for people I “don’t care for”?  Nope, not at all.  he is a decent and thoughtful guy who just has wildly different philosophies than I do regarding guns in our culture.  That by no means makes him an enemy of mine.

3.  Name five songs that you can’t live with out?

Angel, Jimi Hendrix

(the acoustic version, not that schlock from First Rays of the New Rising Sun that got shit out 30 years after he died.)  Since we are talking about Jimi, I have to acknowledge the ‘trinity’ of awesomeness:  Little Wing, Castles Made of Sand, and Wind Cries Mary.  To teach myself guitar, I taught myself those songs, because they were the toughest, and most beautiful.  I can still play the shit out of those songs on guitar.  Learning those taught me technique that was useful, and specific to Hendrix… like how he used his thumb

Allman Brothers – Whipping Post

Smashing Pumpkins – Mayonnaise

Grateful Dead – Scarlett>Fire jam – 5.7.77

Bob Dylan – Visions of Johanna

Ten Years Gone – Led Zeppelin

Seek and Destroy – Metallica

Parachutes – Pearl Jam

4.  Name your top five favorite books?

Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll*

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter S Thompson

Tropic of Cancer – Henry Miller

On the Road – Jack Keroac

Steppenwolfe – Herman Hesse

Lamb; the Gospel According to Biff – Christopher Moore*

*you can find more thorough musings from me on these books over on this page, where I catalogue every book I am reading over the last several years

 5.  Name your top five favorite breakfast cereals?

fruit loops, apple jacks, frosted mini wheats, and bacon.  I know bacon isn’t a cereal, but bacon is delicious and yummy and easy to cook, and certainly not worse for me than those sugar shots listed above

Friday Fives – music delivery edition


1. How do you listen to your music?

mostly at my computer at work.  It is kind of a shame.  I have a really really nice stereo in my truck.  Big fat subwoofer and all that jazz.  Mostly, though, when I drive I am listening to podcasts or books on tape.  That makes my commute go quicker, and I both learn and am entertained on the drive.  Not sure why you aren’t doing this, but you have me to remind you how to be a better you.  to be a better you is to be me.  you are welcome for that.

when I do want to rock out, it is in the truck.  Must be alone.  For some reason, women tend to think driving time is talking time.  Of course, women think that anytime is talking time.  So, that doesn’t work.  Also, the windows have to be down… even if it is snowing outside.

2. CDs are dying, no one uses cassettes anymore. Where is music going to come from?

yeah, a couple years ago I threw out all my cassettes.  Just right in the garbage, hundreds of them.  Here is what really hurt, about a quarter of them were bootlegs.  Bootlegs being live recordings passed from fan to fan, getting shittier sounding each time.  I had a very impressive catalogue of live Dead, Allmans, and Pearl Jam.  Note, all three of those bands encourage their fans to tape and distribute live shows.  They still do, but everything is digital now.

Last week in cleaning up, I found a cassette for Smashing Pumpkins ‘Gish’.  It’s an amazing album.  I don’t have a cassette player anywhere, but I can’t bring myself to throw it out.   even though i have a few copies on CD, including the beautiful remaster and repackage job.

Focus man, back to the question.  Well, the future of music is definitely digital.  So, where will it come from?  Anywhere that has access to the internet.  It will be integrated into everything, soon.  In Japan, for example, their biggest cell phone company is Softbank.  of their subscriber base, 10% of their sales aren’t even phones.  They are things like toasters and digital picture frames and refrigerators that are all online.

I would like to make it so that each time I open my fridge, Mungo Jerry’s ‘in the summertime’ plays.  That is a great song, and somehow just goes with eating.  By the way, take a look at this guy.   Is there a better example of 70’s than this?  This is the singer from Mungo Jerry.  dude looks like a black power cartoon.  What is weirder is I don’t even think he is black.

Here is what is weirder, and even makes him more awesome.  Dude is a Brit!  Perhaps he is half black. We used to call them mulatto, but I don’t think you are allowed to say that anymore.  I am pretty sure it is a racial slur, which is dumb.  How about some other famous mulattos?  Lenny Kravtiz, President Obama, Slash, Tom Morello, Tyler Stewart, and Bob Marley

another thing you aren’t allowed to say?  ‘Siamese Twins’.  It is bad and racist to say that.  Now, we call them ‘conjoined twins’.  I guess the Siam lobby was fed up with everyone assuming they were all stuck together?  Anyhow, take it from me, don’t use either term.  It’s a sticky situation.   Get it?

3. What genre is the next big thing coming down the pike?

jesus, I am the wrong person to ask about that.  even though I know more about music than everyone you know combined, I just don’t care about new music.  Now, dumb people will say “todays music is ______”.  This is universally and always a stupid statement.  I am positive there is amazing music being made right now.  Likely the best in history.  However, I am not interested in new music.  I like what I like and I am not too interested in finding new bands.  I just feel I don’t have the time.  Now, a few bands slip in and quality rises to the top – avett brothers, ray lamontagne, brandi carlile are all awesome and current.

4. Who/what musically do you recommend these days?

see above.  Are you even paying attention?  also, go with Bob Dylan’s first five albums.  not ‘Blood on the Tracks’ though.  You aren’t ready for that.  Then get Grateful Dead’s ‘Live without a Net’.  Now, leave me along and get off my lawn.

Generally, the only new music I buy is new releases from old bands. 

5. Did you ever belong to Columbia House Record Club?

oh for sure.  6 cassettes for just a penny!  They were so deceptive that they got sued out of business.  not only were they not leveling with the consumers, they were screwing the musicians out of the royalties.  Their logic was “well, we sold your record for 1 penny.  So, I can’t quite give you a tenth of a penny now can I?”

this falls under what your mother should have told you “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is”.

Friday Fives – another cop out edition

Ok reader, I don’t have anything good for this week.  So, I will do what I always do in this situation.  I will put my music on full random and tell you my relationship with the first 5 or so songs that come up.  Once I did this last year, and I killed Amy Winehouse.

Smashing Pumpkins – in the arms of sleep > Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

Basically, this song is filler.  For filler, it is quite good.  This album is a landmark in rock, and a landmark for me.  It was the growing up and maturing of both Billy and myself.  I have had an amazing relationship with this band.  if you know me, you already know that.  For years, my goal was to meet Billy in person and thank him for Siamese Dream.  I finally got to do that when he was touring with this terrible book of poetry.  Still, I love him, and all the Pumpkins music.

Pearl Jam – Bee Girl – unreleased

This is a bootleg that has circulated for some time.  It’s a cool story, too.  The song was in improvised ditty by Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready doing an appearance at a radio station.  Ed was knee deep is his “I don’t want to be famous anymore” phase.  This song is a cautionary tale told to the girl who danced in the Blind Melon video for ‘No Rain’.  The band finally released it on their ‘Lost Dogs’ double disc, but I am not counting that.  This song, if legend is to be believed, was recorded at the same radio station as ‘Yellow Ledbetter’.  Ledbetter is one of the most iconic songs of the band, and it never had an official studio version.  it still doesn’t, yet it has become one of their biggest songs that ends nearly every show.  Pearl Jam was very cool to allow taping and trading of live show. So, we all knew about this song ten years before it was ever acknowledged by modern radio.

Bonus silliness > absolutely no one can tell what Ed is singing in this song.  This is because he changes the lyrics often to suit his mood.  Since there is no official version of the song, there are no printed lyrics.  There are, however, lots of misheard lyrics.  Enjoy!

Bad Brains – She’s Calling You – I against I

Bad Brains are amazing, and incredibly unique.  They are a group of black rastafarians who sing speed metal… with a reggae feel thrown in.  It’s too strange and wonderful to explain, so click here for a clip.  Their heydey was in the 80’s, but they are still together.  They have never crossed over to radio play, but I don’t blame ‘the man’ for that.  I blame their lead singer.  HR is legendarily self destructive and just an all around asshole.  He even attacked a fan at a show with a mike stand… the bottom of one.  Ended him up in jail again, which forced Madonna to drop them from her label.

However, interesting story about HR and jail.  Their song ‘Sacred Love’ was reportedly recorded over a prison phone during one of HRs MANY stints in jail.  It is a powerful and beautiful vocal.  I think the modern era knows Bad Brains due to the Beastie Boys.  The Beasties were raised on the sounds of Bad Brains.  So, when the Beasties hit is really big with ‘Ill Communication’, they took Bad Brains on tour with them.  This was Beastie’s touring on Sabotage at the top of their game.  However, that was a terrible era for Bad Brains.  HR decided he only wanted to play trumpet and do reggae.  So, while they had a chance of re-conquering a new generation, HR blew it again.

Also, I hate to sound like a hipster douche by saying I knew about them long before then, but I did.  We can credit Ezra for that.  Before we would go out and party in high school, we would spool up ‘I Against I’ and pound cans of Keystone to get us ready for our epic adventures.

The Story – Brandi Carlile – live a Benaroya

Brandi Carlile is awesome, and this is her signature song in every sense.  I can’t say enough good things about this song.  So, just go here and dig it.  Also, she has an album by the same title.  Buy it now, I am cereal!  Watch the passion and the fire in that performance linked above.  it is SICK.  I had the good fortune to see her live, and it was incredibly impressive.  In fact, all of the bands mentioned on this page I have seen live.  A lot.  Probably seen the Pumpkins 10 times, Pearl Jam 10 times, Bad Brains 4 times, and Brandi one, and the Allmans’ probably about 20 times.

Allman Brorthers – Old Before My Time – Hitting the Note

This is a recent album, at least by the standards of the Allmans.  This album is really really good.  I see no reason not to call this their best album ever.  Interesting to note, this album is all Warren Haynes.  He sings a few songs, but he wrote them all.  Here is what is weird.  I am a lifelong Allmans’ fan, having seen them every year since high school.  I still can’t tell when I am listening if I am hearing Greg or Warren.  It’s also important to note that Warren is the hardest working guy in music.  He works fulltime for the Allman Brothers, the Dead, Govt Mule, and the Warren Haynes band.  Back about ten years ago, I saw the Allmans’ open for the Dead at the Gorge.  Both bands are well known for their long sets.  Warren was out there for nearly 6 hours playing for both bands.

* now, lets see you do the same.  Grab your phone, hit full random, and tell me about the first few that pop up… and (most importantly) why.

Friday Fives – another music cop out

hey all,

Yesterday didn’t go well in ‘IamCorrectistan’. My life is fine, but this website got all jacked up. Then, my editor sent me 5 questions I had answered in the Spring. I did not want to give you used content. So, I am going to do what I always do when I get stumped here. The first 5 songs that come up from my iPhone and my connection to them.

Note, last time I did this I did a whole piece on Amy Winehouse and how she is not overrated. She died the next fucking morning! The proof is right here.


So, here goes.  Hope no ones dies >

Bob Dylan – My Back Pages

Well, I just love Bob Dylan.  Bob Dylan comprises about 30% of my music listening every day.  Right now, in fact, I am listening to my Bob Dylan station on Pandora.  This song has the greatest lyric in the hook.  Good stuff, and deep.  “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now”.

Big Jim Slade – Ain’t it Free

This is a local band, and some friends.  About 15 years ago, we were all co-workers at Nextel.  This is Slaus, Thad, and the bass players name escapes me.  I think he went by ‘Lopey’.  Anyway, these guys are really great.  They put out an album long ago and I still listen often.  It is called ‘Befuddled’.  They have been broken up about ten years now, probably, with Slaus now living in Atlanta (I think).  I tried to find a youtube clip of them for you, but could not.  It’s a shame, they are amazing.  Note, if you google the band name, another band comes up with same name.   This is why our Big Jim Slade changed their name at the end of their time together to ‘Lemon Engine’.  I wish I could have found their music, it is SO good.  Tell you what, find me and i will burn you a copy

Allman Brothers – Ain’t wastin time no more

Love this song.  Great early rocker from the band.  This cut is from the Red Rocks cd.  Even better is I was at this show (I am at all their shows.  have seen them over 20 times).  Tough story behind the song.  The band was almost done with their landmark lp ‘Eat a Peach’.  Seriously, this album could just be called ‘greatest hits’.  Blue Sky, One Way Out, Melissa, Statesboro Blues.  Anyhow, they were done with this record when their guitarist, Duane Allman, died in a motorcycle accident.  After his happened, Greg Allman went back into the studio to cut this track to honor his brother.  Heavy stuff!

Joe Myers – Alchemy

Joe Myers is an amazing acoustic guitarist.  Possibly the greatest in history.  I kinda grew up watching Joe, as he is a Phoenix musician.  I used to see him every week in college at ASU, and that was 20 years ago.  Now, I didn’t go see him every week because I was a big fan.  No, he was simply the local band at the one place that never carded.  I came to love his music and his musicianship.  I kind of think of him as a friend.  He is still gigging, and I just saw him last summer.  He has CDs on iTunes, and you should buy some.  Here are some clips, dig it!  I have seen Joe probably 30 or 40 times, and it is never enough.  He isn’t just an amazing guitar player, he is a great songwriter, and a hell of a nice guy.

Pearl Jam Alive

Well, you know I love this band.  This band is the only band I am in a ‘fan club’ for.  Have been since 1997.  LOVE me some Pearl Jam, and of course I see them whenever they come.  There are only 2 bands at this point that i NEVER miss live – Iron Maiden and Pearl Jam.  This song is their big breakthrough anthem off their debut album.  not sure if a better debut record exists.  I can tell you this, though; there is something amazing being in a crowd with 30,000 other people singing along to the chorus.  I put a clip uip above. Well, I’ll just add it here, too.  Dig this voice.  It really is something. 

Oh, and check out this story.  I have probably told it a million times.  The first time I saw them live I had NO idea who they were.  They were just breaking on MTV with ‘Even Flow’, but I didn’t have cable.  I was there to see the other 2 bands:  Nirvana and the Chili’s.  It was pretty much the concert of a lifetime.  one night, one stage – Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Pearl Jam.  All were at the peak of their powers.  Nirvana had just broke through with ‘Smells like Teen Spirit”