Friday Fives – Autumn magic edition

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Do you have any special rituals to welcome the approaching season, such as cleaning or decorating?

Not really.  Only concern about this transition is winterizing things around the property.  One of the biggies on that is shutting down the swamp cooler for the season… draining it… etc.  What sucks is this is an era where I like heat AND cold.  Example?  Yesterday, Sept 26th, we have an historic high temperature > 90 degrees!  So I never much need the swamp cooler cranking out chilly goodness.  In the early mornings, though, it is 40 degrees.  That is COLD mister!  I still have Phoenix blood, I guess.

I am a thermal coward, though… I admit that.  I used the heat and seat warmers today on my way in.  On my way home, I’ll be using AC in the truck.

Thermal Coward ® – that is a very good line.  I like that.  I now patent thee!  I am getting more and more like Rufus as I get older.  Anything over 71 degrees, and I am uncomfortably hot.  Anything under 60… and I am pretty much freezing to death.  Rufus, my hound, is VERY specific about 71 degrees.  It’s quite odd.  I follow him around to his sleeping places around the house and property.  I have a cool little pointy temperate gun thingy.  He finds a 71 degrees spot to sleep in.

Do you welcome the approaching season or despise it?

LOVE IT.  Fall is the greatest in Colorado.  I tell my fam to always visit in October.  It is the perfect month.  The weather is cool, and stable.  What I mean by that is the weather in nice and April and May, too… but that is also when the blizzards hit.  Oct is just nice.  The wind finally dies down and the trees change.  I don’t need to tell you that growing up, I did not have seasons.  YES > this is truly a first world problem.  But, Phx doesn’t have 4 seasons, or changing leaves, or a romantic chilly breeze that prompts your best gal to wrap her arms around you.

I have to tell you, this is not compelling writing, is it?  I bet every fall for the last 15 years I have been answering variations on that.  Reader, you deserve better.  Not today, though… but soon!

What has been the high point from the preceding season?

Is that fancy talk to say ‘what was your favorite part of the summer?’  That would have to be finally getting to see Penn & Teller live.  I have been following them for about 30 years (they have been together 45). I have their books, watch their shows… etc.  I just haven’t made the pilgrimage to Vegas yet to see them.  Last month, though, they did a short tour and Denver was on it!  I am such a fan of them, I knew most of the tricks.  It was like a greatest hits setlist.   Now, doesn’t mean I know how they do them, but I have scene these tricks often.

This may sound a bit dramatic, but seeing Penn & Teller live was very high on my ‘bucket list’.

What has been the low point from the preceding season?

Nothing, it was a lovely summer.  Wifey and I have firmed up this nice little tradition.  Every night we sit on the porch and listen to some country music,  We have a few drinks, and watch the sunset together.

What are you looking forward to in Autumn/Spring?…

Going to Peru very soon.  Two weeks in South America to see the jungle, and Machu Picchu.  I don’t know a lot about it, but I think we are going to climb the Cadillacs.  It’s a special spiritual and metaphysical thing.