Maslow’s Hierarchy

Welcome.  If you are looking for some Palin bashing, it’s over on the ‘election‘ tab.  This is more election stuff, but it was such an epiphany for me… I figured it was front page stuff.  I was wondering why

1. the Republicans always go for fear and doom

2. why that always works

Then it occurred to me, they are using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.   See above for the chart.  The premise is, every single human starts out at the very bottom.  Physiological:  eat, sleep.  No one can graduate to anything unless they have these things.  Next is Safety.  same premise, no one can graduate to ‘self actualization (happiness) without basic safety.  You get the idea, and it makes sense.  What the Republicans are doing is working Maslow’s from the bottom up.

See, us Democrats want you to know that you can be happy.  You can be self actualized.  You can be proud of yourself and your country.  Things can be good.   We believe that, and we know some fundamental changes need to take place in Govt before that can happen.  Why don’t we win with that message?  Because… the Republicans are telling you that without them you will die.  Only the GOP can keep you safe.  09/11 etc.

Maslow taught us, correctly, that you can’t be happy and warm and satisfied if you are dead or running for your life.  How does that work?   Well, I think most of us would like to have a cool car or nice clothes.  But… EVERYONE wants to be alive and safe.   The message then becomes:  vote for the Democrats if you want to be satisfied with yourself… or vote for the GOP if you want to live.

Never mind that our infant mortality rate under President Bush is higher than third world countries.  Never mind that 3,000 were killed in NYC on this president’s watch.  4,200 killed in Iraq.  What’s my point?  Ironically, you are way more likely to be killed during this Administration than during Clintons or Obama’s.  So, go behind the talking points and represent yourself and your family and vote Democrat.