One who Reneges – a classic modern fable

Being the only fearless writer on race and racial relations these days, I thought I would share something funny with you.  This is, regrettably, a very true story.  I work in an office.  There are rows of cubicles, just like a Dilbert cartoon. I had promised something to a co-worker that I had to back out on.  It wasn’t a big deal at all.  I had to renege on my offer to assist with an account, because something else came up.

I sent word to my co-worker, let’s call him Paul, by e mail that I couldn’t help after all.  Paul and I sit within earshot of each other, but not close.  Just… in the same office.  So, Paul read my e mail and yelled out (loud enough for everyone to year) YOU RENEGER! with great indignation.

What he was communicating is that I am one who reneges.  This was true.  However, if you shout those words ‘you reneger’, it sounds a little like ‘you’re a nigger’.  In fact, it sounds exactly like that.   Trust me, there is no longer any question of it.

Of course, we have a diverse workforce, which includes black employees, and now ‘Paul’ feels terrible.  Me?  I feel great.  It was the funniest thing I have heard in some time, and I got this great anecdote to share.  I should also mention that Paul is a cracker like me.  Good work, Paul, you fucking racist.  🙂