Friday Fives – the clothes horse edition

1. What is your favourite part of your body and why?

weird question.  I’ll tell you what it isn’t, how about that?  My feet.  They are gross.   No more gross than yours… but just the same… ew.  Oh, I still have a favorite part.  It’s real, and its fantastic.  That’s all i can say, since we are a family organization.  Mostly, though, I don’t much think about myself or my attributes.  Why?  I don’t see me.  You see me, but I am looking at you – not me.  So, I am more interested in how you look than how I look.

2. What is the first thing you look at when you meet someone new?

face, hair, clothes, and if its a girl – boobs.  Can’t help it, America.  It’s a biological imperative.  I am judging you by your appearance.  How together are you?  Are you dressed the same as you did in 8th grade?  A tacky Ed Hardy shirt?  Did you take any effort or pride in your appearance?  I know it’s awful preachy for a guy who could barely dress himself 10 years ago, but these things matter.  Last year, I had a kid come to a job interview wearing a baseball cap.  what the hell is wrong with you people?

3. Do you match your shoes to your outfit/accessories?

My shoes always match my belt.  That is about it.  If I am wearing a tie, it will match my shirt nicely.  Also, if I am wearing a tie, I can guarantee you it is a Garcia tie.  I have about ten, and they are the only kind I ever wear.  It’s my way to stick it to the man, and show my freak power.  I rail against the establishment by wearing designer clothes from old dead heroin addicts.  Not as cool when you say it that way.

4. Do you like getting dressed up or prefer to be casual?

Jeans and a really nice dress shirt – brooks brothers or ralph lauren.  Then, a nice pair of super comfy leather loafers – Doc Martens are the only choice for this.  Allow me to explain – a few months ago I got called out during the super bad Colorado floods.  The Red Cross needed me to pick up a shelter trailer in Castle Rock and take it an hour north to Boulder so we could open some shelters.  I drove around in the floods for 8 hours, and never got to Boulder.  Every road was closed.  Anyhow, I realized after about 6 hours I was in my work dress shoes tromping through rain all night.  I thought they were ruined.  I didn’t even want to look at them.  I was in the middle of a pretty heavy weather emergency.  So, I figured ‘don’t think about it’,  Just get the trailer back to HQ safely and get home to sleep.

When I got home, my shoes were FINE.  How could they be fine?  Well, they were Doc Martens. It was a regular commercial for those shoes after what we went through.   AND… most importantly, those shoes are super comfortable.

5. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought for yourself?

probably sunglasses.  That is my one vanity.  I have no hair or jewerly, so its the only way I can adorn myself.  Keep in mind, I am basically blind.  So, these sunglasses have to be prescription.  So, a nice pair of comfy and cool prescription sunglasses cost around $500.

However, it’s worth it.  I look great.

Mostly, though, I am not a clothes horse.  I wear nice fitted dress shirts, but everything else is generally costco or old navy.  I rarely even shop.  Generally, I am at Coscto for dog food.  While I am there, I look at their jeans.   Or… if I am at the outlet shops I am usually tracking dog or camping stuff.  BUT – while there – always check out the brooks brothers outlet, and the Polo outlet.  At any point in time, everything on my body doesn’t total near $100.  Even my Doc Maartens are from the Outlet stores.

Friday Fives – disaster edition

now playing, a Fives ‘two-fer’.  I felt I phoned in the earlier one, so came armed this morning with a new batch, as promised.  See that pic below, that isn’t photoshopped.  That is a fire tornado.  Forest Fires create there own weather, and that is some biblical shit!

1. What natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes/typhoons/cyclones, floods, landslides, etc) is your area prone to?


2. What natural disasters have you experienced firsthand?

 Tornadoes, Earthquakes, and some blizzards… but those (blizzards) don’t count, I don’t think.  At least with Blizzards, you generally have a 2 to 4 day lead time to get groceries or whatever.

3. Have you ever been evacuated due to a natural disaster?

 nope.  Also, because of the work I do for Red Cross Disaster Team, I actually head into disasters when you are heading out.

4. Have you made/do you make any special preparations in case of natural disaster where you live?

 yes.  We keep about 20 gallons of potable water ready in case of power outages, which are rampant out where we are.  You might be thinking ‘but Lono, you don’t need electricity for water’.  You would normally be correct.  However, we live off well water, which requires an electric pump.  So, in that case… I am Correct.  Hmm, that is catchy.  I think I am going to use that little gem.  Also, don’t ever question me in front of the site.

5. What type of natural disaster scares you the most? 

Natural disasters don’t scare me.  I think they are super cool.  But, that is why I got into the Red Cross.  When shit goes South, I want to be there.  Well, except Volcanoes.  Are those natural disasters?  I am not down with volcanoes.  Anything else, I am ready for!  I hope to complete the trifecta and power through a hurricane.  Not sure why, but I like being in this environment.  Probably because I am effective at taking charge quickly when necessary.

When I was in that tornado, my first thought was that it was a hurricane.  I was in the garage packing for a Broncos game.  Looked out in the street and it got super windy.  The trees in the neighborhood were sideways.  Then, just like in the movies, peoples’ fences and chunks of roofs went flying by.  Yes, I thought it was a hurricane.  Why?   Well, I was seeing 100 mph winds and rain.  Being from Arizona, I had no frame of reference for either.  After about 2 minutes, though, I realized it could not have been a hurricane… we are a thousand miles from the sea.

I didn’t think it was a tornado, though.  Tornados are supposed to come with sirens.  Whoops.  Douglas County doesn’t have tornado sirens.  Also, people who have been in tornadoes say “it sounds like a freight train”.  It didn’t

 I mean, it was really cool.  I did what you are supposed to do.  I went to the basement… and got my digital camera… and came back up and took pics.  I would put there here, but that was about ten years ago, and I have no idea where those photos are.  The problem is, the pics were digital and stored online.  Like a digital dummy, I never backed them up.