It’s a metaphor

* update 07.28.2008

Found out today that Novak has a cancerous tumor in his brain.  I made my point, and am lifting the fatwa.  The poor little monster will seek doctors and pay millions to be treated.  Sadly, all he needs to do cure himself is apologize for being such a piece of shit douchebag weasel.  Then, and only then, will he be set free.

Oh man, I LOVE this story. It has everything great, namely me winning a personal and petty battle against Robert Novak. You may know that Robert Novak is a well known conservative journalist. You may also know he personally went public with the name of a top secret govt agent who worked full time under cover as a revenge favor for the White House. It’s the famous Scooter Libby Valerie Plame scandal.

A lot of people took a lot of shit for that, and rightly so. Robert Novak is not one of them. To use the President’s parlance of ‘you are either with us or against us’, Robert Novak is a terrorist. See, I hate him because he never stepped up. He never apologized, or acknowledged his roll. He never testified to the grand jury. He is the reason for the whole thing. Why? Because he brought the whole thing to press.

So, where am I going with all this? Schadenfrueden, that’s where. Today, Novak ran over an helpless old pedestrian while he was in his shiny exotic sports car. He didn’t even know he hit the guy. Yeah, he DROVE AWAY and left the guy there. What’s more f’d up than that? His own words, uncut

“He’s not dead, that’s the main thing.”

So, you see my point right? Not, “my god, I hope he is OK” or “I am so very.” How about “I intend to do everything I can to make this right!”. Nope, just ‘he’s not dead… that’s the main thing.” The reason why I am so tickled is the epiphany I had while chatting this up with Roy. this whole thing is a metaphor for the Republican Party and their right wing noise machine.

They have a MUCH nicer car than you, and they always will. They don’t care about you. They will run you over and not even notice. They will drive off and leave you lying in the street. When asked if they feel bad about running you over, they just may say “he’s not dead, that’s the main thing.” Strong words, I know… but this douche bag called his own book ‘Prince of Darkness’

Bring me the head of Robert Novak


Ok, you heard about Plamegate, or Spygate, or Rovegate, right?  Whatever you call it, some very high placed Republicans leaked the name of a top secret government agent to get revenge on her husband. They wanted to get revenge on her husband because he said (and he was totally right) that the Niger Yellow Cake story was bullshit. He said Iraq was not seeking Uranium to make nuclear weapons. He should know, he was the American something or other to Niger for some time. Problem was this, the president had his speech ready for America saying ‘we have proof Iraq is in Niger scoring the kind Yellow Cake’. Problem is, that was a 100% lie and the President knew it.

So, when dude told the President and the press “this is totally untrue”, they said “oh yeah, well your wife is a spy”. This much is true, and for the most part people are being finally held accountable. This will go all the way up to Cheney and Rove though. All of the major players in this treasonous scandal have been brought to light and dealt with in some form. All except for Robert Novak, the most odious of all these traitors.

See, what Novak did was publish all this dirt… and more. See, all of this was just high powered politicos playing their games. That all ended the minute Novak wrote a column about the whole thing, naming Valerie Plame as a deep cover agent. It gets worse. Novak also mentioned her cover business. See, like a movie, these deep cover top secret agents have cover stories and cover identities. One of the common covers they used was a fake consulting firm.  She was a NOC.  That is super deep cover.  That is real life Tom Cruise stuff.

For reasons known only to the devil Novak himself… he even published the name of the front company. What this did was endanger all of the other deep cover operatives still active who were still using that cover. That is treason, and for treason he should be hung. Here is what pisses me off the most about all of this. Novak has never had to testify, lose his job, or even apologize. Understand this: Robert Novak willingly outed a deep cover top secret CIA agent for political spite, and endangered countless others by publishing their covers. Robert Novak is an enemy of the state, and yet somehow still writes his column and shows up on TV everyday.

Do you understand how big this is?  This is as big as Watergate.  We did recon to see if Hussein was building nukes.  We got definitive info that he wasn’t.  The war machine was already gearing up, though.  So, there was no stopping it.  As we are gearing up to go to war in Iraq (to protect us from their nukes, which he now know they didn’t have) ambassador Joseph Wilson goes public.  With great balls of steel he tells the public that Iraq isn’t building nukes and he can prove it.  Now, the govt has egg on their face.  So, they quickly have to discredit Joseph Wilson.  How did they do that?  They fed the story to Novak that Wilson’s wife was a spy, so you can’t trust him.  It was true.  She was a spy… FOR US.

Know what else is nuts?  Guess who sent Wilson to Niger to investigate the yellow cake uranium story?  Dick Cheney himself.  The same guy who orchestrates the cover up.

With Novak being the errand boy for the Bushies, Wilson’s wife (Valerie Plame) is now outed as a spy.  Her life is in danger, as she was deep undercover.  THEN… Novak publishes the name of her cover identity.  Her cover story was she was a lawyer for Whitney and Nonesuch (made up name, so you don’t end up dead for reading this).   Well, Whitney and Nonesuch was the cover firm for a bunch of our spies.  So, this outed all of them, too.  Novak never apologized, or even acknowledged doing anything wrong.  This makes him the worst man in America.  It makes him a terrorist and a traitor.  That can not be emphasized or stated enough.

* Epilogue

I have been working on this piece in my head for years, and on paper for a few days now. I get so angry I have to step away. As I was finishing some of my final ramblings, this story pops up as the headline on CNN. Read this:

— A former Sinn Fein official recently exposed as a British spy was found fatally shot Tuesday after apparently being tortured

Oh yes, the consequences are VERY real for outed spies. Mr Novak, you may be the worst human on the planet right now. Well, except for Tom Cruise and that Hussein guy.

By the way, I was right

Being the webmaster of a website so bracingly pretentious as ‘I am Correct’ means I need to back it up… and I do. Here is another example of how correct I was. Four or five years ago I was laid off here in Denver, CO. I needed a job, a good job with a good company. After being in telecom far too long, I was looking at a fresh start in a new industry. I was willing to take a good job almost anywhere. It didn’t even have to be Colorado, if the money was good enough.

Having said that, there were two companies who I absolutely refused to apply for. Both of these companies are very big and successful and have a huge presence in Denver. I vowed to be a lawn mower Technician 2 before I ever even considered working for either Qwest or United Airlines. Boy, was I right! Since then, United has had every union under the sun strike, dropped their employees pensions, and filed for bankruptcy. Just last week, United offered to pay Denver one fifth of the millions in back taxes they owe Denver. See, United figured they were such a boon to Denver’s economy that they didn’t have to pay taxes on anything. They felt we should be happy to have them. That worked until they laid everyone off and went bankrupt. Denver’s mayor was so stunned that United was finally going to pay Denver he said it was a ‘victory for everyone’.

So, their solution was to threaten Denver’s mayor to build them a whole new concourse and wipe out their debt. Denver’s mayor (Wellington Webb at the time) handled it wonderfully. He went on TV to rip up United’s threatening letter to the city. If you have read this site for sometime, you know I rip on United. It is also because their rates suck, and their ‘discount carrier’ costs even more.

Anyhow, point made about United Airlines. The other company I wouldn’t work for is Qwest communications. They got well known for shady deals and constant lay offs. We had a girl leave our company to go to Qwest. She got laid off on her first day of training for Qwest. Plus, they handled things badly. They bought out US West, who left under such a public relations nightmare it became comical. So, how does Qwest come in to right the crappy ship in the public’s eyes? They raised all their rates across the board. That did this at the precise moment the cable companies starting offering phone service. The phone company monopolies were over! So, how did the phone company grovel for loyalty? They jacked the rates up! Bad move.

Anyhow, I say that to say this: I am proud of standing up to both Qwest and United. Today, they announced indictments against their racist ex CEO Joseph ‘Ralph’ Nacchio. 42 counts! Another asshole CEO is going to jail. I can’t take all of the credit, but I will try.

I don’t keep enemies, but I have had a few. Betsy Hoffman, Gary Barnett, United Airlines, Qwest, Tom DeLay, and terrorist spy Robert Novak. I have tried every single of them (but one) in the court of public opinion right here in these pages. The result, unanimously guilty. As for Novak, what he did is so unthinkable he simply deserves to die for threatening American undercover operations around the world. I’ll get to him soon, I assure he will be neither be forgotten nor forgiven in these pages.

that came off a little ranty, didn’t it? It’s the painkillers.