Friday Fives

Very Random Lot   (Be creative because this week, the questions are
all over the place.)

1.  Please list your last five employers (taken from an online job

Debbie, Mitch, Harvey, John, Julia.  Side note, I just found out yesterday I am keeping my job.  In the old days, we would have meetings if we were losing our jobs.  These days, things are so bad, we had to have a meeting to let everyone know they were keeping their jobs.  I am thankful, and not complaining.

2.  Do you prefer a window or aisle seat (taken from an online travel
agency questionnaire)?

Aisle seat, every time.  Am like a kid when I fly… must see the view.  Also, I always listen to U2’s ‘City of Blinding Lights’ when I am in the air.  at no other time do I listen to this song.

3.  How many people are on the wait list? (taken from the University
of Iowa Admissions FAQ)?


4. How do you cope with the logistics of having multiple babies and is
the pressure always so relentless?  (Found on a blog of friday
questions but reminds my of Octa-mom.)

two words for you:  nannies!

5. Please list in detail all the times you worked with Carl J. Kipper
in any capacity, when, where and why. (Found in s a deposition filed
by the City Council fo Hartford, CT)

Carl is a decent person and a hard worker.  Carl is often misunderstood and mis-represented.  Because of his ‘intense’ personality and work ethic, Carl can be perceived as difficult or stand off-ish (Terry’s term).  Carl is an important member of the team, and we want him to succed.

However, when Carl throw the fish at his co-workers, it breed contempt.  Carl is working hard on his behaviors, and is enrolled in pilates.  Problem is, Carl is a loser.  A big fat fucking fish throwing loser.  Carl continues to keep a positive attitude toward coaching, though.  We expect things to improve with Carl in the second quarter.  Carl needs to know that further fish throwing or pencil smoking will result in further corrective action up to and including termination.


* bitchin’ postscript > I have really cool reporting on the back end of this website.  I can see the actual words people use to search that has had them accidentally land here.  Know what they are this month?

gyros,  road construction,  roy horn,  courtney love,  tiger

Apparently, America is quite taken with these subjects.  Since I don’t do celebrity gossip, this is as close I will likely get to pandering.  I think I will add them to the tags, too.