Friday Fives

Simple Yes/No questions.  Yes/No as answers will never do. Instead, give the real answer with a few revealing details. – Roy

1. Is she going to the dance?

No.  She says she has other plans, but I think it is obvious she didn’t really want to go with me.  I was kind of butt hurt for years.  I mean, I missed my senior prom.  What does that do for your self esteem?  It makes you a musician, and that is just sad.  In retrospect, I think she didn’t want to go because she was possibly a lesbian.  I mean, she had short hair and played soccer and never had a boyfriend.  Could it be?  Or, is this just a defense mechanism/denial I have built up?

2. Are they flying home?

No, they are driving.  They always drive.  It frees up schedules, and takes into account the dogs.  Plus, they don’t have to rent a car or depend on relatives etc.  I think the main reason is they take their dogs everywhere.

3. Are you coming to the party?

The pants party? You bet your ass I am!

4. Is this free?

It sure is.

5. Do you like apple?

These apples are delicious.