The upcoming travelogue: the Lono Thai-aries®


Hey all,

As you may know, the wife and I just got back from a two week trip across SouthEast Asia. It was AMAZING, and there is so much I want to share about it. I kept a notebook with me almost everywhere, jotting down cryptic to expound about later.

So, if that sounds interesting to you, stay tuned. Each piec will be a small two page sort of thought. For example, I wouldn’t do a single piece on the history of ancient   temples. That is too big a thing to chew off, so instead it will be bite size morals; like the creepy shit Asian people feed their kids and call ‘lucky’.

These pieces will be called ‘the Lono Thai-aries®’. If I get the considerable material out of this that I think I will, I will give it its own tab at a later date… to hold them all in a single spot.

Also, having been gone for over two weeks, that is why I didn’t have any new material recently. Sorry about that.

* that picture above… that is the wife and I yesterday (11.15.14) in South Korea at a temple.  I am not covering my face to protect my anonymity.  I am covering it because I am a pussy and it was cold there – below freezing.