Friday Fives

1. What is your earliest memory?

Kindergarten in Phx, AZ.  Five years old (approximately).  We were doing a rodeo and I really wanted to wear cowboy boots.  However, I didn’t have any boots and my folks (quite wisely) didn’t want to buy me a pair for a 30 minute event.  So, I bothered my brother’s, which were WAY too big.  However, I was so hell bent that I wore them and suffered through the madness.  I had packed them with newspaper to make them fit better.

2. What is your most vivid memory?

my most vivid memories are bad ones.  Not that I have not had a wonderful and charmed life.  I am not scarred by any logical means.  But… the memories that stick are sad ones.  Thanks for bringing that up, now I am crying.  Dick move, if you ask me.

3. What do you remember best about the year you turned 10?

ten?  Well, that would be 1982.  Can’t think of anything memorable using that.  So, let’s go to grade.  In 1982 I would have been in about third grade.  What did I do in third grade?  I remember second grade I learned cursive (pointless!).  I have know interesting memory of me at ten years old.  I was passionate about soccer, and that is all that I can remember.

* hold on.  Extreme add on remembered about an hour later.  The year I turned ten also totally changed my life.  I went to my first rock concert.  It was the Police on the Synchronicity tour.  I had been listening to the cassette incessantly, and loved it.  My big brother took me, and it changed my life.  I knew instantly that rock and live music was the greatest thing ever.  I spent the rest of my life chasing and learning and enjoying the art of live music… and becoming an expert of sorts.

Go ahead and look at the track listing on that album.  It might as well be retitled ‘Greatest Hits’.  I remember during ‘Every Breath you Take’ everyone did their lighters in the air.  I had never seen that, and it blew my mind.  Speaking of that song, I remember sitting in the attic with my cousin Trey and trying to figure out the lyrics.  I was quite convinced the lyric was ‘every pool hall aches’.  I am serious, we listened to it a hundred times, and that is what we heard.  We assumed it was deep.  Then the video came out and it is framed around a POOL TABLE.  So, we are geniuses, right?

turns out the lyric was ‘How my poor heart aches’.  Yeah, I was way off.

4. What memory do you wish you could erase forever?

i have a few, but none I would share with you.  You aren’t the boss of me!  I already told you I am sensitive to painful memories and you just have to keep on digging.  I am a person, you know.

5. What do your parents(or other close relatives) remember about you that you have forgotten?

Now, wouldn’t that be a question for them?  likely, especially around Thanksgiving, they would say one of two things:  I was incredibly cute as a child.  Or, I threw epic monster parties at my parents house in high school every weekend they were gone.  These are both true.


Friday Fives

1.  When do you get up?

as late as possible.  can’t stand mornings.  don’t even care for you asking me that question.  On school days, the alarm goes off at 7 and I am moving around 7:45 am.  On weekends, around ten-ish if I can.

2.  Do you pout and preen like cheap tarts in a red light street?

outstanding Police reference, first and foremost.  The Police was my very first rock concert… when I was ten.  I am fine with each and every red light.  After about 4 in a row, though, I start to get victimy.
3.  Does it taste like chicken?

what?  I know what you want.  You want me to make a ‘your mother’ joke, am I am simply above it.  Grow up, seriously.

4.  This is a colon : and this is a semi-colon ; – what’s next?

you know, I have always struggled with this.  I have a friggin’ English degree, and I just finally learned it a few years ago.  Here is the deal; anything after the semi-colon should be something that stands on its own as a sentence.  A colon (:) is generally used for lists.  At list, by me.
5.  What do you keep in your picinick basket, boo boo?

your mother, and a bottle of wine.