Friday Fives – Travolta edition

The Fives are late today because I didn’t care for the questions I was given.  So, I blew it off.  A reader reached out this afternoon chiding me for my non post. I challenged him with the following: ok, send me five questions – on or about anything. I will answer them.

First, he sent me this picture. You have likely seen it around in the last week. Some guy was at the gym at 3 am, and ran into John Travolta. Travolta was cool enough to take a selfie with the guy. That photo is above, and sparked some pretty important questions from ‘Jamie’. Out of respect for my buddy, and out of sheer fear of being sued by Scientologists***… we will call him ‘Jaimie’. Since that is his name, and all. You may recognize the name from this legendary exchange. I would say a good 50% of my non Friday Fives posts come from conversations with Jaimie over email.

john-travolta-gymWhat is your favorite John Travolta movie

Easy – Pulp Fiction. It’s a masterpiece. Easily one of the greatest movies ever. I have several copies. DVD, VHS, and Blu Ray

Have you ever been to the gym at 3 am

No. I mean, you won’t find me at the gym. I am not proud of that, but that is the reality. 3 am? NOTHING good happens at 3 am. A comedian did a great bit about how ATM.s should give out a max of $50 after midnight. His reasoning was nothing good can come from you taking out $300 at 3 am.

 Who are you most likely to see at the gym at 3 am

Apparently, John Travolta

Why would you build a house with an airplane hanger any no gym

Totally never occurred to me until ‘Jaimie’ asked. I mean, look at his house. He flies jumbo jets for Qantas… and he doesn’t have $300 worth of gym equipment? This is a guy who requires a 20 pack of high ed nice new clean white tees for every day on any movie he shoots.

 How gay is john Travolta

Well, it’s not my business. I like John Travolta.  Never heard a bad word about him, outside of those masseuse gay sex scandals.  Whatever.  Again, it isn’t my business… and it certainly isn’t yours. He is a good actor and has a sense of humor about himself.  Plus, he flies jumbo jets.  That is super bad ass.  We just need to get him the Iron Maiden jet (Ed Force One).  That might help those pesky gay rumors.  However, with the evidence presented… pretty gay. As my buddy Eddie once coined ‘he was strollin’ for colon.  Also, that movie Michael was good.  The one where he is an angel.  It’s not great cinema, but neither is anything else.

*** bonus – My blog application spell check does not acknowledge the word ‘scientologist’