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Here are some links to some writing I have done for other organizations.  This will be updated ongoing.  Here is a picture of me, sorta.  Playing around at work, and teaching people that paper airplanes are serious business!

me plane crash


I write for an online pseudo think tank called ‘Quora.com’.  It’s pretty cool.


here is a piece or two from guitar world that I wrote


this is a new relationship that I am super excited about.  Lot of visiblity here, and guitar is my great passion in life


There are probably about 40 or 50 pieces here.  I haven’t written for them much in the last 5 years, though.


I have a few pieces with these folk, but I don’t yet have a decent linkable byline with them… yet.


This is my music only writing.  There is a lot here.  It’s called the ‘Phantom Blog’ because I originally started it as a site to work out formatting ideas for my main page (I am Correct).  This was my behind the scenes demo lab.  Then, someone (perhaps it was myself) suggest that I separate my music writing and general rantings.  I am glad I did this.  It makes each page more cohesive.

This writing goes back almost as long as this page.  There are pieces as old as ten years ago (2004).  Back then, blogging and formatting was primitive.  I had to write all my own HTML code, down to what color and size I wanted the fonts to be.  As a result, the older pieces are not visually as appealing in their structure.  Same for this site.  I have been pledging for years to go back and punch up every piece.  They could all use some formatting, spellchecking, pictures, and hyperlinks.   Now, I can do that stuff with a click of a mouse.  Ten years ago, though, it was all written in code… which sucked balls.  It is tough to lose yourself in the flow of communication when you have to also make sure you close all your italics links.

I’ll give you an example.  I’ll write this both ways, the new technology friendly way, and the old HTML way.

If you want a really great music site, besides mine of course, go check out Eric Alpers’ site.  It is terrific, and should be checked weekly.

now this is how I had to write that sentence ten years ago:

<br> <br> <br>If you want a <em>really</em> great music site, besides mine of course, go check out <strong>Eric Alpers'</strong> <a href=”http://www.thatericalper.com&#8221; target=”_blank”>site</a>.  It is terrific, and should be checked weekly.

On top of that, my catalogue just for IamCorrect is over 1200 pieces.  So, its’s a bit daunting.  I should go back to day one and try and punch up 5 pieces a day.  There is also some editorial clean up of typos and such.  Back then, nothing told you if there was a typo.  No great red or green squiggly lines like we have now.


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