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Me? I live in Southeast of Denver, CO on a beautiful ranch far away from you. I am in my mid late thirties early mid late 40’s… yeah, I have been doing this a LONG time in the world of blogs… since 2003!  I do a lot of writing, almost always under the pen name ‘Lono’. I have a music site which isn’t updated as often at

The Phantom Blog

In addition, I spend weekends working at the local dog shelter and volunteering for disaster services with the American Red Cross, and my county’s Emergency Operations Center.

Also, I write wrote for Blogcritics.org. You will find some really great writing there from independent amateurs like myself. Once you get to that site, plug ‘Lono’ into the search and let the goodness fall over you.

Ah heck, I’ll do it for you. Click here.

To get a hold of me, stand on your rooftop and cry ‘Lono’ to the night sky. Seriously, it worked for Bobo. Otherwise, drop me a line here – I am Correct at Gmail.com

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Sorry that isn’t a click-able link, but the spam bots will harvest it if I typed it out. Also, I am on myspace, facebook***, twitter, and all that jazz… but you prolly won’t find me there. Give you a hint, I am a friend of both Grateful Dead and your buddy Mike.

*** I am not linking to my Facebook.  You don’t need to know that much about me.  Plus, I already gave you my email.

Oh, like this dbag pictured at the top, I am was also in a local rock band.  Go here for that.  Thanks for being here and thanks for being a reader.  I am always working up keeping the site fresh and current.

I just added this cool little widget below.  Drop me a line, I love feedback.  OR… just go straight to a post and start bitching about it in comments.  I won’t censor you, and I believe the only posts closed to comments are the Busey one and the Civil War one.




*lastly, that pic above… it isn’t me. Isn’t that a really great pic, though? Look, he has a microphone. What do you suppose he is communicating? Probably not “stronger infrastructure spending, with less limits on small business and deferred taxation on capital development and subsequent gains will drive middle income opportunity in the long run”. Also, note that he appears to be bleeding from multiple wound sources. This picture is WAY cooler than any I have of me.

Sincerely, I thank you for stopping by and reading… even if its to tell me I’m an idiot.  I know that.  Note, I have two sites.  I am Correct, and Maybe I am Wrong.  So… I get it… we are just having fun with words.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Ask me why did my eyes pop open this morning with the foolish question on my mind, “Why do white people re-enact the Civil War?”. Needless to say, straight to google I went; only to run up on your crazy behind! Now look, I’m almost late, but, this stuff is FUNNY and you’re a great writer, I’m new in NC and am still learning how to let love get the best of me in all situations (by choice). Blessings

  2. Hello Kevin,
    I read your article in Guitar World magazine about Teton guitars. They seem to be great guitars for the price, however they are made in Korea, not USA. I learned this from their USA distributor, Chesbro Music, located in Idaho.

    Best regards,

    • Susan,

      Thank you for catching that. More importantly, thanks for tracking me all the way back here to my main page. I really appreciate that. You are correct, and I was wrong. I have reached out to the folks at Guitar World and they are going to have that part of the piece removed today.

      thank you!

      Kevin Lono
      Denver, CO

  3. Hi Kevin,

    I found your posts about Ticketmaster, and was hoping you might know why in the case of some shows (AKA the new Justin Bieber tour) a venue like the MGM Grand is sold out almost instantly, but then there are dozens of listings on StubHub selling tickets essentially at face value? For a show that gets sold out so quickly, I would have thought people would have jacked up the prices more on the secondary market. Is it because the concert isn’t for months, so the price might steadily rise as the date nears?

    Thank you!


    PS: I am not at all interested in Justin Bieber, just trying to figure out the inner workings of the ticket market these days. Felt the need to clarify that.

    • Carlos, I am glad you wrote and asked. I know a ton about where these tickets go, and why they go to everyone but people who are fans who just want to go to shows. I wrote about it extensively here, on my music blog.

      In short, here is the answer. When a concert officially goes onsale to the general public, there are less than 10% of the tickets left. Concert tickets are LONG GONE by the time onsale happens. It goes to pre-sales, contests, holdbacks, the artist, season ticket holders… it is a long and sad list that makes sure everyone gets tickets but the consumers. AND… once tickets do go onsale, the scalpers get them first. They do this with computer programs that can bypass that stupid Captcha thingy and can ping TM servers hundreds of times a minute. These days, high profile shows sell out within about 45 seconds of going on sale. So, how do you get tickets? THe answers are in my article, but it’s presales.

      Thanks for writing, and reading. It is a fascinating, and depressing, situation for us live music fans. I have pretty much given up going to concerts because of this, and TMs fees which are now getting up around 100%. I have written a bunch about that, too. On either of my sites (this one, or my music one http://www.MaybeIamWrong.com) do a search on the words ‘ticketmaster’, or ‘ticketbastard’.

      Now… as to why tickets for the Biebs are selling on the secondary market at roughly face value… that means they over-estimated the demand. Scalpers bought up all the tickets hoping to make a killing. They had no idea what the actual demand for tickets was, because no one can buy tickets any more. The scalpers get them all. So, then it turned out no one gave a shit about those Vegas shows. Now, the scalpers are stuck with thousands of tickets they need to unload. This is good for the consumer, and quite amusing as well.

      take care, and thanks for reading!

      Denver, CO


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