The Travel Thai-aries®

Hey all,

Since so many folks have asked about these posts, and don’t want to read all my other garbage and blathering… I have created this.  I will cross post all my Asia travel stories here.  One stop shopping!

and many more coming soon.  Check back, I will have a new one up every few days
Here is the deal, America.  I wrote down all my genius story ideas in a little notebook that I carried with me everywhere.  It’s missing.  It’s not lost by any means, just somewhere in the horrible mess that is my office.  Now, here is some top secret insite into the human condition of a creative writer.  When I got back home to Colorado, and got some sleep, I looked over my creative bounty… ready to mine the gold.  Most of it was shit ideas.

I should post a couple of the pages.  It is stuff like:

  • chinese people mean and bossy, why?
  • you call that food?
  • What’s that smell? (turned out be to drurian, I think that I covered that above)
  • Thai winter
  • strange outfits
  • America still good force in world *

* ok, that last one I am still trying to flesh out.  I have written it a couple times and then just scrapped it.  It’s about how America is still a powerful and benevolent force in the world.  It touches on sweat shop labor and the president’s visit and other things.  Likely, that will be my next piece. I still have Thailand with me.  I have a string bracelet that a Buddhist monk gave me at a temple on my wrist.  There were two, one fell off.  It doesn’t tell you I am spiritual that I still have one on, it just tells you I don’t shower much. – June 2015



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