Friday Fives

1. When is the last time you lost your keys?

Lost my keys? I don’t. I’ll tell you the last time I locked them in my truck… how about that. Actually, that is the whole story. I locked them in my truck.

2. Are you likely to ask for directions when lost or to continue to wander?

If I am alone, I’ll wander for days. Finding things becomes a matter of principle and wits. However, if I need to really be somewhere… or my wife is with me, I ask directions.

3. Numerology: reliable or just a load of bunk

I’d say bunk, but that would be an insult to the word bunk. That being said, I am quite obsessed with the number 33, really.

4. Marilyn Monroe. Conspiracy or tragic accident?

Accident. I watched a zillion hours of Discovery Channel stuff on her fairly recently. For whatever reasons, she did herself in.

5. Favorite childhood sweets/candy?

M&Ms. Unquestionable my favorite food in the world for the first 20 or 30 years of my life. Here is a quick tip you can have for free: freeze them for about 30 minutes before you have them.

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