Friday Fives

1.  Pre-season football – do you care?

yes, of course.  Football rules.  I know people say that pre-season is like kissin’ cousins… but I disagree.  Here is why.  While is it not top notch performance, these guys are fighting for a job.  Imagine if you went to work today, and at the end of the day, you would be either CEO of Disneyland, or unemployed.  EVERYTHING is on line for these guys.  Some will only get 4 or 5 plays.  Someone drops a football, you are FIRED.  You have played football all your life, since you were a kid.  This was your dream.  Now, Monday morning another 30 will be cut.  What do you do now?  You can’t call that an education, you spent every day playing football.  So, go work at burger king?  Broncos got their last running back (last season) from a cell phone kiosk at Park Meadows Mall.  He had been cut a year before.

I am crazy for NFL football.  In fact, I happen to be wearing a Broncos tshirt as I write this.  Go Broncos!

2.  Post-season Rockies baseball – do they have a chance?

well, San Diego is killing the whole division, so we are fighting for scraps.  Thing is, I don’t care about baseball.  It bores me to tears.

3. What’s up with the dudes at that other table?  Are they really that much of a douchebag?

yeah.  Know how you can tell?  The way he crooks his baseball cap 20 degrees to the side.  Anyone who does that with a baseball cap should be shot on sight.  I know, I am old cranky guy.  I am sure my dad would have said the same about wearing the baseball cap backwards.

4.  Been on a reading kick, do to my new Kindle. What is it that you are reading?

another Alice in Wonderland volume.  This one is annotated with footnotes on every line.  Also, listening to the Great Gatsby on audiobook.  Am looking for Jeff Ross’ book on audiobook.  I hardly have time to read, so listening to books is getting to be my new thing.  Is this a waste of my literature degree?  It kinda feels like it, but time is everything.  Between working out, work, band, band practice, and volunteering… I have Wednesday nights to relax.

5. Big holiday weekend.  Any plans?

yup.  630 miles each way, by car, with the hounds.  There are pics up on my Facebook right now.


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