Friday Fives – Christmas edition

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

    Do you celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas or the
commercial aspect of Christmas?

both.  wait… neither.  To me, it is a cultural and shared holiday.  Here, I just wrote a big piece on Christmas recently.  Christmas is good, I love all the lights and stuff.  The present buying is incredibly stressful.  Not the money part, but just accounting for everyone in our extended family > nieces, nephews, step sisters, fathers in law… etc.  I am thankful, though, and staunchly pro-Christmas

    What’s your favorite activity to celebrate the holidays? (i.e.
baking goodies, making ornaments, etc.)

lights.  I love Christmas lights, everywhere.  I love driving through the neighborhoods and seeing the light displays.  What else?  Christmas afternoon.  After all the presents are open, and we are all hanging out together as a fam just chillin’.

    Would you rather give or receive?

I think that is a trick question, and I take the fifth.  Ok, receive.  Why?  Well, the month leading up to is the giving and planning part.  So, ideally, when Christmas comes it is all relaxey time with the fam.  I am lucky to have an amazing in law family, and think of them 100% as my own family.  That isn’t ass kissing, either.  I am not writing this to appease them, they can’t read.  tee hee.  It was just a joke.

    What is the gift you are most anxious to give this holiday season
and who is it for? What makes is so special?

Obviously, these would all be wife based.  As a result, I can’t tell you yet.  Ask me after Christmas.  Well, here is one since I copped out on the last question.  For years, I have been compiling Christmas rock songs.  Last night, I made a Christmas rock CD for every one of my employees.  It is good stuff, too.  Here is a taste of the artists, with linky goodness:  pearl jam, joni mitchell, vince guaraldi (The peanuts guy), John Lennon, and a bunch of Elvis.  8o minutes of Christmas GOLD.

    What is the most memorable gift you have ever gotten for
Christmas? Why did it stand out more compared to other ones?

I think it would be a bicycle, when I was a kid.  Bike was very important, and not just transportation.  We used to have jump and wheelie contests.  Not just any jumps, either.  We build ramps in the vacant lot (that we were forbidden to hang out of course) that had fire in the middle.  Yes, we set huge fires and jumped them with dirt bikes.  In retrospect, that kind of explains why we weren’t allowed in the vacant lot.



* cool Christmas bonus – look at the page.  it is snowing


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