Friday Fives – don’t have a cow, man

Have you ever spent time on a farm?

Not really, no. Grew up in the city, suburbs… all of that.

Have you ever been to summer camp?

Oh yeah, Camp Wamatachik (I really think that was the name, not positive, though) in Prescott, AZ. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it… it was weird. Just like the movies, there are the kids that are lifers. Meaning, they are there every summer. All the counselors know them and vice versa. It clearly meant a LOT to those kids. Like… that was there thing. You can imagine they spent all school year telling everyone how much they loved camp and told stories. It was fun and all, but I had more fun camping with the family… which we did a lot.

What is your favorite summertime memory?

Two, actually. Summers in my late teens and early 20s were either spent seeing Grateful Dead shows, or backpacking around Mexico. Yeah, life was pretty fucking great. Still is, but man what a youth I had.

Did you ever play Kick the Can or tag as a kid?

Sure, all the variations of that stuff. Mostly, it was hanging out around the neighborhood with all the kids and we would be doing different bike based activities. I lived on my bike when I was young. It was my true right hand. I organized tons of bike based activities… jumping contests, wheelie contests, hide and seek (have to say on your bike). My bike looked roughly like this. They were dirt bikes, this was pre-mountain bikes, or road bikes. Everything was a ‘dirt bike’. Just like all shoes back then were ‘tennis shoes’ back then. It had nothing to do with tennis, but all shoes worn by all people under 30 were ‘tennis shoes’.

Can you milk a cow?

I have no idea. I mean… sure I could… right? Never done it. I am not against it. We have horses now, and a 5 acre ranch. Does that count for anything? Hey, easy! You don’t have to be all mean about it. It’s not like you ever have milked a cow, bully.


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