Saturday’s upcoming Bronco game

I am finally prepared to discuss tomorrow’s play off game (Saturday night 8 pm Eastern, CBS)against the Patriots. I have had it in my head for two weeks now (come on, we knew they would win the wild card). I am finally prepared to say the Broncos will win. Why? Defense, our defense. Corey Dillon is once again listed as questionable for the game, which tells me he won’t be playing much. That being said, they will have to rely on the passing game. That is a bad idea for them.

Here is how we beat the Patriots: First off, we intimidate the QB by rushing and blitzing on every play. Don’t let him establish a rhythm. It worked on the Eagles earlier this year in a big way. So now, they can’t run and we have forced the pass – no problemo! We got Champ Bailey, John Lynch, and Darrent Williams in the backfield. Ain’t nobody gonna be catching shit against those guys. So, prepare for a HUGE game by Denver’s defense. That will make all the difference in whether they win or not.

Go Broncos!


3 thoughts on “Saturday’s upcoming Bronco game

  1. Yeah…intimidate the three Super Bowl Champion, NFL and Super Bowl MVP who is riding a 10 game playoff win streak. That should work out nifty.

    Besides, they are finally healthy with all of their talent back for the first time this season and have Super Bowl MVP Reciever Branch back as of two weeks ago. The won last weeks PLAYOFF game 28-3.

    Never bet against Bellichek and Tom Brady in the playoffs. The Broncos are rusty and Plummer can not handle the magnitude of the game. He will get happy feet and make bad decisions.

    I wish the best, but Patriots by 10

  2. well, you are more than wrong. seriously, I was so friggin accurate in my assesment I should be given a professional sports job. Read every single word of my prediction and tell me if a SINGLE word wasn’t exaclty right. Frankly, this is the most impressive prediction i have ever made.


    That, my friend, is why the site is called what it is.

  3. fuck off with your insidious correctness!

    i am not a football fan (i share George Carlin’s take on it) but i am provincial…

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