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If you read here regularly, and why wouldn’t you, you know about Nebraska.  Parents are leaving their kids in Nebraska.  A brief recap:  Nebraska set up a safe haven law a bit ago.  It is a great and noble thing that many states have.  It states parents can drop off new borns if they are too freaked out to raise it – without consequence.  It’s good, so unprepared parents don’t kill their babies, or whatever.

Again, it is a great idea which I support 100%.  Problem is, Nebraska had the legal language a bit loose.  As a result, parents can technically leave anyone under 19 in Nebraska and not be prosecuted for abandonment.  They have been doing it, and from every state.

Well, it’s getting to be a big story.   ‘Kids’ are figuring this one out.  This is where is gets awesome.  Some great parent went to unload all her kids (ages 4 to 17) and the teenager got wise and ran.  So would you.  So did I –

OMAHA, Neb.Police are looking for a 17-year-old girl after she ran off when she realized her mother was taking her to a hospital to drop her off under the Safe Haven law.


According to Methodist Hospital staff, the girl ran off before reaching the emergency room. Her 14-year-old brother stayed. He’s now in state custody.

So, who is the bad guy here?  The parent who just unloaded all of her kids?  The state, who retardedly offered to take them all?  Nope.  The girl is.  She is a fugitive now.  Even though no one wants her (it’s official now), she is a wanted girl.   Wrap your brain around that one, America.   To put this in conservative terms, what we have here is a really really really late term abortion.

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 * update to the update

Once again, I am your advance source of critical news.  This story is now the headline story on   If you were reading here, though, you were talking about this two weeks ago.   Again, you are welcome.


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