Friday Fives – iron on edition


ironing the mandala design on your DIY creative t-shirt idea by using iron  on vinyl, baking sheet and an iron | Craftify My Love

Which basic skill are you REALLY bad at?

Ironing a dress shirt.  Its totally lost on me, and I have tried many times.  Each time I iron/flatten one piece, it simply wrinkles something behind it.  I have totally given up.  I dry clean all my dress shirts, and if I need one in a pinch unwrinkled, a hot shower does the trick.

What are the best activities to do when you are high on weed?

Nothing.  If for some reason I am high, I go to bed and wait for it to be over.  I am super bad at being high, and it really freaks me out.  YET… I use cbd daily.   Go figure!

What’s an obscure interest of yours that you just want to ramble about but rarely do because no one knows what you’re talking about?

I ain’t even saying.  It’s usually either football, or this.  Ok, neither of those are obscure.  I get it, I am boring!

What binge worthy youtube channel would you recommend someone else watches?

Its ever changing, but lately its been a lot of Key & Peele, and this hilarious firefighter guy who green screens himself into shows to fix their science.  I am subscribed to both.

i came back a couple of hours later to add this one – Steve Lehto.   Steve Lehto is a lawyer from Detroit who has his own yoiiutube channel where he talks through interesting topics.  You might thing the worst way you could spend your time would be watching a lawyer dissect issues on his youtube channel.  You would be wrong.  Here, just watch this one about how to get out of speeding tickets.  I think this is what name him famous.

What is the funniest movie if Joe Pesci played the main character instead?

Lincoln.  No… too many n-bombs in that project.  How about Sully?  Is that the name of the movie?  You know, the movie about Sully, and the Miracle on 32nd St?


Know who took that picture?  I do.  My cousin Brendan.  He works for Reuters.  And me using this photo for my own personal dumb means with no permission?  He is prolly getting fired as we speak!  On the other hand, here is the loophole we use when we steal and share sheet music; its for ‘educational purposes only’.  You can get the sheet music free for pretty much every song ever written.  I do admit it kinda sucks the artists don’t get a cut of this.  Like, if there was an official site that published chords and tabs approved by the artist, I would absolutely pay for that site.  None do, except one – these assholes.  I say they are assholes because they DO charge to access sheet music.  Its just that the money stays in their pocket.  Someone call BMI & ASCAP on these weasels.  They are clever, I’ll admit.  If you go and highlight the music notation text, and then right click to copy it… you get a little pop up asking you to pay.   That is clever.  Thing is, I am clevererer®.  I use the snipping tool, and it captures it quite nicely.

Ok, what we were talking about again?  Swimming?  Charlie don’t surf!


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