man up, go for undefeated!


Before football season wraps up, there is this one last thing that has always bugged me.

A few weeks ago, the Indy Colts benched their starters in the middle of a football game.  Why?  So they wouldn’t get hurt or play offs, which were already locked down for them.  See here.  So, they ask the coach, and he says what every team has said about this issue for 36 years:  “We aren’t concerned about going undefeated.  We have one goal, and that is to win the Superbowl.”

guess what, coach, I call bullshit.

Remember who wo the ’82 superbowl?  How about the superbowl from three years ago?  No.  Unless it is your team, no one cares who won the the superbowl.  If you want to be great, go for undefeated.  Only one team, EVER.  1972 Miami Dolphins.  They went undefeated and won the superbowl.  No one has ever done it since (or before).  What’s even more awesome?  Their QB, Bob Griese, was second string!

Being as though I am a Bills fan, I want the Dolphins to suck it.  They are our rival, just as Denver is to Kansas City.  So, my goals aren’t totally noble.  I thought the ’85 Bears were gonna do it, but the Dolphons stopped them.  I though the ’95 Broncos were going to do it, but the Dolphins (and the Giants) stopped them.  The only football season I will remember in 20, or 40 years… is if an NFL team goes undefeated.


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