Friday Fives

small talk edition >

1. Come here often?

yes.  I am working from home.  So, I come here alot.  Daily.  I couldn’t have picked a better day to work from home.  It is snowing wonderfully and violently outside.  I am safe at home in my jammies.  Got the new Dead release (7.7.89) playing on the Hi-fi, all is good.

2. What’s new?

nothing much, but good stuff.  Work is getting better, and I am putting together a super cool new website for my band that will have videos, audio, all kinds of stuff.  Interactive.  Will tell you more when I am ready to launch it… in a few days.

3. Hot enough for you?

No.  It is cold and freezing and raining and snowing and snaining out.  Didn’t you read my last answer?  Does anyone edit these questions?  Geesh!  This is a great Spring snow storm, though.  This means about 75% water, as opposed to Winter snow, which is about 10% water.  My lawn needs it.

4. How’s it hanging?

A little to the left, as usual.  Nothing for you to concern yourself with.

5. how about them Broncos?

I don’t know.  the draft was last night, and we bought another QB.  We now have 3 really ok quarterbacks (Orton, Tebow, & Quinn).  At least we bought a new wide out, to replace the two coach just fired last week.  I have to assume he knows WAY more about football than I do.  So, I should shut up.  however, I can’t shake the feeling that we are going to be the goodest team this year.  The OKest!  The alright-est team.  8 and 8.  One thing we have that I really like is our kicker.  Prater is the bomb!  He makes me not miss Elam, which is something.  However, between me typing this and you reading it, coach may have fired him, too.


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