Friday Fives

1.What gives you the absolute “oogies”

egg salad, and your inability to get laundry done.  Mostly, though, egg salad.

2. Walgreen’s shopping list?

syringe, spoon, lighter, tourniquet.  Tmi?

3. Back to music:  Gilmour or Waters . Who do you choose. (You can’t pick both. )

I have said it before and I will say it again.  Pink Floyd is overrated, and not nearly as compelling when you aren’t on drugs.  That being said, it’s tough.  Gilmour is the soul and Water is the brain.  I would have to go with Gilmour, in his heyday.  Now, he bores me to tears.  btw, here is a suggestion for an AMAZING Pink Floyd album that has probably never been played on the radio.  It’s an EP called ‘Animals’.  Seriously, it’s the best $10 you will spend on music.

4. Would you rather: snort half a shaker of pepper or a live bee?

having done both, the answer is pepper.

5. Finish the lyric: I got a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack –

black dark night, score more smack


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